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Perspectives: Tanking the New Matchmaker

Guest author Falcon™ of the Warwolves Clan offers his perspective on tanking- and what he'd like to see instead.

Perspectives is a new occasional feature on Gepard Diary that showcases commentary from other voices within the game. Today we’ll be hearing from Falcon™, officer of Warwolves, and the issue of tanking the new matchmaker. Although I am personally opposed to the practice itself, it is a large game with many different player perspectives, and we learn little from limiting our discussions to only those with whom we agree. -Jay

First let me put my numbers on the table for insight into my perspective:

Officer of Warwolves clan (currently number 2)
7000+ victories
2500 plus cups (I am fairly active)


I am currently part of Diamond league (more on this later).


So…I wanted to talk today about the matchmaker and why it is bad.

Pixonic claims that they want transparency and fairness. However the game is clearly not fair- let me explain.

When I first started with the league system, I was placed in Master II. I worked my way up to Champion league (5000+).

If you simply play your best with your best hanger, the matchmaker is not too bad.

However, we (Warwolves) soon discovered “tanking”- that is, deliberately losing so that you end up in a lower league facing easier opponents.

The first method involved joining a match and then simply not dropping a bot. Once the timer hit about 9:29 left in the game, just leave. This leaves your team short handed and odds are they will lose. This is a very rude and inconsiderate thing to do.

Then we discovered that if you formed a full clan of 6, you could “tank” faster by simply not dropping in any bots. Once 15 secs went by, our team would lose. The other team was not injured and would receive “free” gold. We call this “ethical tanking”.

Our clan instituted a policy of ethical tanking only for those that wanted to do it.

Tanking meant quicker matches, more damage and easy gold as you can use your big hanger against noobs or other players with lesser hangers.

I wanted to see if this worked, so I tanked down to Recruit level!

I was facing Destriers and Cossacks and players with 3-bot hangers. A completely unfair fight. 1,000,000+ damage was easy and I got 10 Gold every time. This is why I am down in Diamond league. It has taken me awhile to build back up.

There are many clans doing this. I even encountered full clans doing this:


Now, some may say this practice is unfair, and while I agree, I don’t agree with Pixonic’s response. I have heard that they plan to put “tankers” on a separate server, so they will be fighting other tankers. This is problematic as it doesn’t solve the original problem and could be difficult to enforce and detect.

I believe the real solution to be simple- take hanger power into account as well as league points.

This would allow players to put in any combination of bots and be matched with other likewise-hangered players of suitable skill. It would allow players who spent Gold and real cash on other bots (I have 10 Gepards collecting dust) to actually play with bots they enjoy playing with.

The current game meta is much slower, beacons are everything and destroying other bots secondary. I miss the knife-fighting days of fast bots and corner shooting.

So, if the solution is straightforward, why doesn’t Pixonic do it?

Money. They believe that the slow progression to 5 slots with max bots and max weapons is their best money making option.


I would like to opine a contrary view. A mixture of bots would encourage players to experiment, buying more bots and different weapon combinations. This would result in more Gold/money purchases for Pixonic. It would also make the game much more interesting.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Pixonic is listening.

Until next time – Falcon™

12 comments on “Perspectives: Tanking the New Matchmaker

  1. Hi falcon, whilst I don’t much like the idea of Tanking that seemed to me to actually be an intelligent and considered viewpoint….

    I also think my view is likely heavily influenced by being already maxed, if was level 8/9/10 maybe I’d find myself doing the same in an effort to ug as soon as poss….

    I’d like to see map selection and or light bot/med bot/heavy bot battles that way you get to use those now dead bots, we all have them!

    I’m also impressed on how active you guys are, that takes some doing

    Mouse ᵇⓂF…..hook me up on FB, happy to play with you guys richmouse.fawsitt-jones


  2. Blastronaut

    I agree with Falcon here. Pixonic claimed that all the old MM rules made the whole system a burden. Well the new MM is being exploited constantly and now they are adding some new “rules” in. Sounds like a road they’ve been down before. SMH.


  3. It does not matter how you sugarcoat it, if you tank, you are an asshole. Sure, nobody gets hurt on the way down, but once you hit bottom everyone but you suffers. Ethical tanking is just as bad as tanking solo, and since you do it more efficiently in my opinion it is even worse, since you will be crushing more newbies. The guy’s 10 gepards says a lot about the kind of player he was before MM – a seal clubber, a bully. Literal scum of the game.
    If you cannot handle your current opponents, you will lose and your league standing will go down naturally – placing you more appropriate matches. There is literally no reason to tank, other than you can’t handle opponents of the same level, and that justifies on picking on those weaker than you. There is no honor in it, and you are dragging the reputation of your clan in the mud – yes, you may be the #2 clan, but only against destroyers and Cossacks. Shame on you tanker. You are selfish and immature. Go fuck your self with a cactus.


  4. Silentone2k

    As one of the people you’re climbing over on your way back up, literally taking gold from whether you’re on my team or opposing me, and clubbing like a baby seal when I encounter you far before my hanger is ready to; you need to rethink your definition of “ethical.”

    I agree that Pixonic needs to relook their matchmaking. They went to Leagues in an effort to get away from doing what ammounted to a manual evaluation of every hanger- so I diubt they’ll go back to that. They do need to institute more avenues for league points… if you’re doubling the average damage dealt in a round you should be pushed higher faster. They should also restrain the awards for moving back up leagues (repeatedly)… though it sounds like that’s less your incentive than the gold “earned” by clubbing newbies like me.
    Perhaps what’s needed is to scale the per-game gold? Gold has such a thin margin in this game I’m not sure how to do that without creating wild inflation, but something to make facing proper opponents more worth your time than wasting my time is.


  5. Jim Nickel

    Wow…the hate is real.

    First, I have only done this once myself. But keep in mind that many people are doing this and it is because of Pixonic that they are doing it. Pixonic allows it and doesn’t fix the game.

    So, don’t hate the players for playing the game. Put pressure in Pixonic to fix it.

    Lastly, you could do this too – nothing is stopping you from gaining gold and silver using this method. By telling everyone about it, I am hoping to help level the playing field. That was the point of the article – make sure everyone has access to the same info and hopefully get Pixonic to fix it too.



  6. Jim Nickel

    Oh and by the way, I regularly get put up against players in Champion league even though I am in Diamond. Doesn’t bother me, but it sure would if I wasn’t progressed further.

    I also started a new account and with a week I was into Gold league with a 3 bot hanger that had only level 6 bots. So it is obvious to me that Pixonics matchmaking leaves a lot to be desired. It is simply broken and unfair no matter which way you go.

    If they fixed it the way I am suggesting, then tanking would be of no use as you would never face noobs with a maxed out hanger – thus no one would bother doing it. Problem solved.



  7. Silentone2k

    The hate is real because you’re justifying misbehaving. Calling unethical behavior “ethical” because it’s done en masse is “alternative facts.”

    I do hold Pixonic responsible for the situation. I do expect Pixonic to, ultimately, have to fix it. (In their non-communicative, stumbling way.)

    Doesn’t mean I should let you parade around claiming high ground when I am, posibly literally, the person you’re screwing in the process.


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  9. Andunedhel

    “ethical tanking”. Ah. The way people try to dress up nicely their shit never ceases to amaze me.

    These self-styled Robin Hoods give “free gold”… on the way down. Then they brutalize new and weaker players, creating real damage on the game ecosystem, on their way up, while amassing undeserved gold rewards and all of this with the balls of saying that has ethics in it.


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  11. My thoughts exactly. We need much much more sudden bursts of variety , pronto. The dmg to this game has already been done tho


  12. Falcon is saying that he plays with his weak bots when in the lower leagues, same thing I do, I got bored playing with my heavy bots all the time. Take a look at your weekly activity compared to his, if you played as much as him, you could have the same stuff in no time and be playing in a high league. One of the biggest problems the people in here face is that they don’t take the time to reload, they run headlong into a fight with half their ammo, run out and are stranded in gods nowhere, die, then blame it on the person that killed them instead of playing smart. The best way to learn is to watch the tankers fight each other, don’t hit “leave battle” after you die, actually watch them go to town on each other and you can learn a lot that will help you progress, look at their bots, their setups, how they used the abilities…were your teachers in grade school fellow grade school students?

    It’s annoying at first to have “that guy” on your team, we would have won if it weren’t for “that guy”, but it is that much more rewarding when you can look at the damage and say we won even without “that guy”. Furthermore, it is more kills for you to get and more beacons for you to get when it comes to an event.

    Falcon is absolutely right here, when you get strong, the game gets stale. You don’t want to be playing with just heavy bots and dash bots, dropping down and playing with more light and medium bots makes the game fun and doesn’t really hurt you in terms of firepower, get the skills and you should have no problem taking out a light or medium bot, even with mediocre weapons. Frankly, now that I can use vids to add progress to a daily challenge that involves heavies, I haven’t used one in quite some time.

    To add my thoughts to a really old post that was started before I began playing 🤷🏻‍♂️


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