WR Rogue Builds

Announcing “Rogue Builds”

A new feature video series arrives at Gepard Diary. Rogue builders, unite!

I’m a firm believer in the importance of creative people to sustaining and growing a community. Humans are social creatures, and we enjoy connecting with other people of similar interest. We like to talk about the things we enjoy, see other people’s thoughts and opinions, and hopefully learn something (and be entertained) along the way.

When I startedĀ Gepard Diary, it was because I wanted to have a place on the internet where I could read fun and interesting articles about War Robots. I’d already discovered the excellent Wiki Forum, but I also wanted things that were a little more longform. Seeing a fairly empty cupboard, I decided I had to create what I wanted to see.

But prose is just one avenue we have to enjoy the game when we’re not actually playing it. It’s not news to state that there are a lot of really excellent YouTube videos and streams out there. AdriaNNNNNN and Stew Pendous are two of the ones you’ll hear of most often (and with good reason), but the pool of talent is much deeper than just the pair of them.

One of these that I feel is consistently excellent is Shaolin Rogue.

Shaolin Rogue has prolifically put out a string of high-production video series that are well worth the watch, some of which I’ve mentioned on the Diary before. For instance, “Forum Member Request” is where he takes people’s suggestions and runs them on the test server to see how they hold up (which is what sold me on the Geppo). The “Do Over” sees him trying to speedrun the game from scratch, and the “Robo Dojo” recently kicked off with one of the most entertaining Carnage videos you’ll find.

When he and I had a recent conversation about the potential of a Tulumbas Fujin based on a conversation I’d had with my son, I began to feel like there was a lot of opportunity for collaboration. I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy playing unconventional bot/weapon combinations, to see what works and what doesn’t instead of just sticking to what everyone else is playing. Shaolin Rogue shares that enthusiasm, and we’re excited today to announce “Rogue Builds,” a new video series partnership between Gepard Diary and Shaolin Rogue.

In Rogue Builds, we’ll be looking at the path less taken, from the unconventional to the unusual. This isn’t a “how silly can we get” mission, but rather trying to find the hidden gems, or different ways of playing. A second look for the overlooked. War Robots is a far bigger game than just Griffins and Furies, and we want to leave no stones unturned.

This won’t replace any of the content you’ve come to enjoy on the Diary, but rather be one more thing that’s on offer. I hope you enjoy!

To kick off Rogue Builds, here’s the brand-new video that set this all in motion.

If you enjoy this form of content, make sure to stop on over and hit theĀ subscribe button. Thanks for reading- and watching!

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