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Battle Stories: How’s it Hangin’?

A hangar update- AT LAST!

I just crawled back through the article history here to see when the last time it was I had a simple update about my hangars.

A month.

A lot has happened in the last thirty days around War Robots for me. It’s been a month far wilder than I could possibly have imagined. I’ll summarize some of the broader points, but then I’m going straight to the hangar.


Talk about a whirlwind. Last month I joined Aurora Nova iOS, the iOS-side Chapter of a clan that had two Android Chapters. When the leader unexpectedly departed in mid-March, I found myself at the wheel and quickly took the Chapter from 8 members to capacity. Having apparently found my vocation within the clan as a sort of “Johnny Chapterseed,” I stepped down from Aurora Nova iOS and founded Aurora Serica. Around this time we also formed Aurora Excelsis, for iOS players in Diamond League and above.

In eleven days, Aurora Serica went from scratch to nearly full. Once more I handed it off to a very capable leader, and yesterday I founded Aurora Draco.

Now, a bit about the name. We obviously have something of a Latin flair in our naming conventions, and by Latin flair I don’t mean a bit of picante y sabor, but rather a bit of conjugation and declension. It’s comfortable enough stuff, given that I went to a Jesuit high school many years ago and thus had the opportunity to take three years of Latin classes.

These days, however, there’s little need to dust off the ol’ dictionary, when Google can translate for me on the spot. I put in some ideas, and out popped Aurora Draco. Sounded good, and 1500Au later, the idea was made manifest.

Clan Discord was abuzz with the good news, but of course that didn’t stop a little irreverence from creeping in.


And that was enough. That one damn image. I knew that every time I logged in and saw the name, I’d see that face, too. And if I was gonna fix it, the sooner the better- at that moment, I was the sole member. But…spend another 1500Au? Was it really worth it?

Ya know, you really can’t put a pricetag on peace of mind, right? Aurora Draco was quietly erased from the history books, and Aurora Draconis acted like it had been there all along.

The upsides were obvious. Goodbye Harry Potter, hello Battletech. Still checked of the Latin grammar box. And we had a head start on a Chapter logo to boot!


One thing to note about the “ground-level” Chapters (not a performance Chapter like Excelsis) is that having added a third one, we could move forward on one of the Clan’s long-term goals. Namely, “stationing” Chapters in different parts of the world so that players could pick the one most convenient for them and find more of their fellows active.

Aurora Nova iOS would be the Americas, Aurora Serica for the Europeans and Africans, and Aurora Draconis for Asia and Oceania. Well, as soon as that got out some Australians in Serica were delighted to make the jump to help seed the new Chapter, and one even suggested a catchy new slogan which I immediately incorporated into a poster.


Then that led into…

Alternate caption: “1000 Lagers, 1000 Victories” 

I swear, the Australian spirit sometimes feels like the C5H8NO4Na of the world. In all the good ways, mind.


Some quick Diary updates. As noted above, it’s been an eventful month, and no less so on the Diary. We’ve gone from being a one-man show into having quality content from other contributors and a partnership with Shaolin Rogue’s YouTube channel.

Not only that, but we were selected by Pixonic to be a coordinator site for the Community Roundtable that occurred this past Friday.

This now makes three updates in as many days. I’m going to be giving that approach a go- smaller, but more frequent updates. I’ve just got too much stuff backed up and need to clear the content jam. And for those wondering when the next installment of Rogue Builds is coming, look for it this Friday!


At last! As you might imagine, I’ve made a few changes in the past four weeks or so. While there are some new faces, the underlying core philosophy I’ve evolved into has remained the same: play four slots tactically, and the fifth for experimentation. Let’s jump in and see where experience has led me.


The Galahad has now entered the very small pantheon of bots that I consider my all-time favorites. The Gepard. The Cossack. The Boa. The Doc. There’s almost nothing I can’t do with this guy. He can play forward, taking the battle to the enemy through use of cover and his own shield. He can harry their backline thanks to his speed, and be a force for beacon capping.

On a whim awhile back I picked up a second Galahad, figuring if I liked one well enough then two would be better. I quickly mothballed him, however, as it was an easy target for hangar diversity. But I’ve become so accustomed to and enamored with piloting it, that I pulled the “backup” out of storage, and am quite happy to run two.

The Galahad is always my leadoff hitter, and from there I tend to get more specialized as battlefield conditions dictate. As a result, I usually pull out the second Galahad last, since it’s more of a generalist than a specialist, but it comes up big.


Ever since I played this for our Rogue Builds feature, I’ve enjoyed the Trident/Pin Natasha just enough to keep it in the mix. It’s the perfect bot to deploy when we’re ahead and holding center beacon on Shenzhen and Dead City, where she’s a strong deterrent to enemies considering making a dash for the middle.

In short, I’ve found her to be the perfect Fury stand-in for someone with little interest in actually buying a Fury. The pulse of the more advanced players in the Wiki Forum seems to indicate that the Fury is in decline, so I’m happy with this much less expensive option. With the next holiday event around the corner, however, I’ll e looking to acquire a Butch, so he might step in ahead of this ol’ workhorse. Time will tell.


Blame Viva La Resistance’s very strong Aphid Patton video for sparking the interest. Longtime readers will recall that I’ve tried Aphids on lots of different vectors and concluded I really just didn’t like the weapon. Since I already had them  (and reasonably leveled), upgrading an old Patton was no big deal.

I’ve found the build to be very situationally effective. On close maps- again like Shenzhen and Dead City– it’s a beast. The Patton’s slower speed makes it less nimble in Springfield, and Canyon can be a real pain in the ass to get the most out of your loadout thanks to overhanging cover. But I’m really enjoying the build, and it will be a mainstay at least for awhile yet.


You’ve come a long way, baby! When I first bought the Lancelot, I tacked on an Ancile at the dealership, only to find I didn’t really care as much as I hoped I would for either one. I even had the Lancelot in dock for a time.

But with a Thunder and twin Orkans, it’s every bit as fun as the old “brickfighting Boa” build I ran for a long time. I’ve come completely volte-face on the big lug. Slow and steady, sure, but man once I get to where I’m needing to go, this thing hits with the subtlety of Lucille. An absolute mainstay, I can’t see ever taking it out unless the meta turns sharply against it somehow.

As for the bots taking a breather? The Geppo never quite lived up to expectations, fun as it was. Part of it was just due to the fact it was underleveled, but I didn’t want to devote the resources or time to bring it up to speed. With a possible buff upcoming, that may change.

And I dropped the Doc for a bit. I’d reverted back to Tulumbas, but then figured I’d give it a rest to bring in the second Galahad. Still a bot I love and believe in, but five slots is five slots.

That’s it for now. I’ll be very excited to finally get a Butch this week, so stay tuned for some updates on that. We’ll be back to explore the hangar a lot sooner than four weeks from now.

Thanks for reading!


4 comments on “Battle Stories: How’s it Hangin’?

  1. KodiaKSE

    Great read Dredd.


  2. Blastronaut

    So a patton, two galahads, natasha, and a lancelot. I’m guessing you haven’t mastered jumping yet.


    • Cossacks are one of my favorite bots to play, or were. Rog looks like it’s gonna rekindle that magic soon. I just don’t like Griffins.


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