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War Robots Wall Street: Postscript

Some final notes on the Wall Street series, and a present for everyone!

This past week, I’ve taken a hard look at the various new deals offered ingame for War Robots. Here’s a quick recap.

Part 1: The competitive landscape, seeing what other mobile F2P games do

Part 2: My methodology, and some of Pixonic’s first deals

Part 3: Ten more of the recent deals examined, including the controversial Workshop Points ones

By way of a postscript, I’ve got three quick things to touch on here.


First, I made an error in the last article dealing with WSP. Perhaps because acquiring them is so routine for me, I didn’t consider the 40,000 Ag cost each time you kick off a new round of “research” in the Workshop. That means the 550 WSP you get each day isn’t free, but rather have a 240,000 per diem Ag cost associated with it. Running that back through our currency conversion tables, that gives us a cost of $1.20 on the worst price end, and $0.53 on the best end.

Thanks to the multiple people who pointed this oversight out. While it may seem like a minor oversight, in a thread where I attribute an inattention to detail to Pixonic, it’s embarrassing to commit the same sin.

Onwards and upwards.


I wanted to make sure to introduce the concept of Hanlon’s Razor here, because I’ve found myself invoking it a lot. Although I’ve offered what I feel is a fair-minded analysis in my coverage of this topic, there are still some folks out there seeing the anomalies in the data as evidence of something sinister.

They are, of course, entitled to their conclusions. But in my experience, I’ve found a lot of wisdom in the phrase, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

Stupidity is far too strong a word in this context, but I think it carries the point overall that darker motives should be the ones you look to when you’ve eliminated the likelihood of the others.


Finally, zer00eyz on the Wiki Forum suggested I make the tables I used for this series publicly available, to facilitate folks using them to run their own calculations.

Happy to do it! These are the tables featured in the article, along with some brief margin notes giving reminders as to what each data row represents. May you find them as useful as I have.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Wall Street series. We’ll be moving to something completely different in the week ahead, and I expect it’s going to be a pretty wild (and potentially controversial) ride. Thanks for reading!


2 comments on “War Robots Wall Street: Postscript

  1. Very well written! I thoroughly enjoy your writing style. I haven’t personally bought gold or silver and don’t intend to. I’am more of the camp where good old fashion hard work gets you what you want. Grind those matches lol. Looking forward to your next installment.


    • Thanks so much, Allan, I really appreciate it! There’s definitely something to be said for grinding. When I was a younger fellow, I used to love doing that in games. Now, as a family man with four little ones, I’m afraid I have to use my wallet to make up for the lack of time every now and again. 😀


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