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NEWS: Contests Abound for War Robots

Three contests, three ways to win Influence Points from War Robots.

This past Friday saw Pixonic’s regular community roundup feature detail three different ongoing contests for Influence Points (IP).

Influence Points, the newest premium currency for War Robots, can be used to purchase the ‘Wild Bunch’ bots (Jesse, Doc, and Butch) from the store. One contest is an appeal for new writers to have their work featured on official War Robots sites, with a deadline of July 9th.

A second is the weekly challenge aimed at YouTubers, with this week’s thrown gauntlet asking YouTubers to make tutorials on how to create videos.

Finally, the Wiki Forum is hosting the “Mr./Ms. Influence” competition, for the posters who have contributed the most to the community’s body of knowledge surrounding the game.

Despite initial concerns at the limited possibility of obtaining IP, it seems that more and more the IP is finding its way into the community.

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