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NEWS: VR Announced for War Robots

Pixonic announces a VR installment of their popular game, War Robots.

This just in!

Its been whispered about in some circles for a short time,  but the wondering is now over. Pixonic just announced that they have been working on War Robots VR: The Skirmish, for the last few months in secret. The first installment will be available for free on steam and oculus platforms for VR play.

Players will be able to immerse themselves in a single player battle with the assistance of an AI wingman. According to lead designer Arthur Mostovoy, this small scale experience is only the beginning. Its clear after reading the announcement that Pixonic is aware that this new format for gaming is uncharted water and their measured but enthusiastic approach seems prudent and aimed at learning as much as being on the cutting edge.

This is certainly a bold move for a single title studio and it indicates their seriousness about growth and market presence as a business. Even with increasing availability and options for VR gaming the jury is still out on how players and markets will react. As many developers weigh their options and consider how to approach this new and increasingly common technology Pixonic has taken the initiative and plunged in. Its a move that will certainly create exciting opportunies for players as well as the developer.

We’ll certainly be watching, so check back soon for more on this and other exciting Mech news. In the mean time, check out Pixonic’s teaser video, here.

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