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The Center Beacon: How to Start a Successful War Robots Clan

Looking to start a guild, or improve the one you're in? The Center Beacon has some very solid advice in today's Featured Video!

3 comments on “The Center Beacon: How to Start a Successful War Robots Clan

  1. I always enjoy Warlock’s point of view. Great vid!


  2. aloiamoa

    While I like the fact that you guys are expanding, I do miss the old days where every article was an actual article. I may be in the minority, but a feed full of posts with just a single embedded video seems spammy.

    Not that the videos aren’t cool, but it would be nice to separate those out and have a feed just for articles or some way to tell that it’s just a video so I can ignore it.

    Looking forward to more great content.


    • I really appreciate your comment, this is very constructive feedback. Videos are something I’ve wanted to feature for awhile now, and I’m very picky about what I’ll feature. These are handpicked by me.

      Now that said, your comment inspired me to at least “do a little more” than just a spammy video, so starting with the ones I loaded today, I’m going to write a little about why I chose that video. Hopefully, that makes it a little more personable and a little less spammy.

      Being able to customize your feed IS something that’s on my list of things to research, too. Since we cover different games now, it makes sense for folks to be able to “dial in” just to what they want to see. So again, thank you for posting this!! -Jay/Dredd


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