NEWS: Pixonic Releases 4th of July Event Guide Video

With the next event ready to kick off tomorrow, Pixonic has unveiled a new video designed to help players know what to expect- and what to look forward to!

Highlights include:

  • A new Event currency, the Token. Much like previous Events, you’ll be awarded Tokens through gameplay, and all players who play a game will get Tokens at the end.
  • Special event tasks, as we saw with the Anniversary Event, that let you earn free goodies like painted bots and the new Tempest cannons
  • The chest system returns in the same incarnation we saw in the last event, with three levels of chest available as well as the “superchest”
  • Clan members can donate Tokens to increase their member size, as before
  • Gifting Tokens to clanmates will get you a bit of Premium
  • The new¬†Tempest weapon is available “during the event,” indicating that like the Wild Bunch bots it may be an event-only reward. It can be purchased for 2500 Tokens.

Here’s a link to the full video, and good luck to all from MECH*SPECTRUM!


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