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Andro Man’s Funny Squad: Locust Swarm

Imagine going to battle and seeing a full squad of Ecu Rogatkas descending like grasshoppers...


One thing that Andro Man perhaps does better than anyone else for War Robots YouTube is remind us that it’s just a game, and games areĀ fun.

There’s a joyfulness to his Funny Squad series I just don’t see anywhere else. Light, bubbly and infectious music coupled with innocent, almost childlike hilarity as he leads a pack of merry pranksters across the battlefield. His all-Stalker video was the first Funny Squad video I saw, and I’ve loved them ever since.

Noting it had been awhile since I last saw one, I nudged him on Discord after an idea popped into my head.

“What about all Ecu Rogatkas,” I asked. “You know, like a bunch of grasshoppers.”

“Hold my beer,” came the reply.

1 comment on “Andro Man’s Funny Squad: Locust Swarm

  1. Andromans channel is always good for a laugh. Nicely done Andro!


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