Friday Fun: A War Robots Crossword

For those who like puzzles, a little bit of fun today at the end of the week. All of the answers are names of bots in War Robots. Good luck!

WR Xword


4 A knight, also known as a bogatyr

7 Train robber, gang leader… and killed in Bolivia

8 One of the Erinyes

11 A Slavic people, and a Tolstoy book

13 Half lion, half eagle

14 The weapon of choice for Dennis the Menace, had he grown up in Moscow

15 A rifleman, and before that an archer

17 Most likely to have feet of clay

18 An extraterrestrial enemy of Spider-Man

19 A sign of the Zodiac

20 Not actually a horse, of course

22 A terrestrial enemy of Spider-Man


1 Really puts the squeeze on the opposition

2 Ol’ Blood and Guts

3 Has an ability in common with Romulan ships

5 Moonlights as the God of Rock and Roll

6 A real windbag

9 A man of the lake, who would sunder a table

10 On the hunt for moose and squirrel

12 Played by Brad Pitt

13 Knighted by his father, he ascended to Heaven

16 An English knight or a Welsh footballer

17 A cat, or a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun

21 He’s your huckleberry


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