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Rediscovering the Conditions of Victory

Think the matchmaker is tough? Try rediscovering the conditions of victory after being struck with 6th Nerve Palsy

It’s always something isn’t it? The most recent [iOS] 2.9.0 update brings another reworking of the leagues and I guess I can say, after a few weeks of it… good try. Of course the League system is a ‘work in progress’ and really, I don’t mind the league system so much.

Truth to the matter, in January, 2017 I became afflicted with 6th Nerve Palsy which has drastically affected my War Robots game playing. Dealing with the effects of the Nerve Palsy- double vision- it was quite a challenge playing Bob “Snake” Plisskin style with an eye-patch and/or with my head turned to the right allowing my paralyzed eye to look to the extreme left so I wouldn’t see double.

So my place in the game was altered since before the official beginnings of the League System on February 28th with iOS update 2.6.2, which in turn ended up timing perfectly with my ‘diminished ability’ (or handicap) concerning how the WR Leagues were intended to affect a pilot’s personal playing.

Despite the strength or level of your mek or weapon, your placement in the league dealt with the results of your equipment. Honestly, I wasn’t the same player before the 6th Nerve Palsy that I am currently with 6th Nerve. Yep, months later I’m still on the [very] slow road of recovery that takes up to nine months for some cases.

Right from the start, I admitted to myself that the League system as it was unveiled probably existed before its official release. The League System wasn’t a new matchmaker, it was a factor in the matchmaking process and I think it always will. The WR Leagues aren’t going away!

I made my peace with the equipment based matchmaker. That was then, this is now… I don’t even mind the League system changing as frequent as it has. I’d say that there will
probably always be tweaks and I have come to expect it. No big deal.

Though, something about this game I have never really understood. It’s the Conditions of
Victory. Although it hasn’t ever changed (to the best of my knowledge) it just seems… wrong. Until I see a pilot capture the lion’s-share of beacons located at the top of a team in the results screen despite whatever damage they inflicted, the First Condition of Victory isn’t capturing and holding Beacons… in fact, it never really has been!

Lately, with another tweak to Leagues, pilots are back to going for a high-damage score again. If you go for big damage while others go for Beacons and you just so happen to win–that’s great! However, if you don’t win, by having the high-damage score you will still get League points so you’re at least safe. Never mind the added League points bonus, Plus-whatever is, has ultimately become redundant in the long-run. If you scored high damage you can still advance in leagues. Perhaps at a slower degree, but nonetheless gain in league standings.

Along with the missile mechanics ‘tweak’ which includes an increase to its damage and reloading… well… Despite the double-vision it’s perfectly clear to me: capturing and holding Beacons still helps; it will always help and it will remain listed as the FIRST Condition of Victory even if everybody knows that it is really the SECOND condition of victory.

3 comments on “Rediscovering the Conditions of Victory

  1. Dwane Bowen

    That’s why I’ll always have my Stalker. May not play him every time, but I’ll never sell it.


  2. A win is always a team effort.Whether you run solo or in a clan.If a few players on a team know how to read the map and how to proceed it can lead to a potential win.


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