NEWS: War Robots Test Server Weekend Details 7/15-7/16

Pixonic has released the details of the Test Server changes available for play this coming weekend, 7/15-7/16. They include:

  • The new “Beacon Rush” battle mode, which lets players respawn on captured beacons instead of in the starting area
  • Updates to the user interface based on player feedback from previous test sessions
  • Machine guns, Kang Dae, and Nashorn are doing double damage to physical shields (down from 250% last week)
  • Squads will be unavailable. So will the Boa, curiously enough.
  • “Various robots and weapons rebalance.” Cryptic!

Instructions for those interested in this latest round of testing can be found here for Android and here for iOS.


2 thoughts on “NEWS: War Robots Test Server Weekend Details 7/15-7/16

  1. Best part….. #savetherhinos is FINALLY gaining some true footing as the Rhino finds a much needed speed burst!
    It BETTER make it to the live server but as is….nothing has been stopping me from keeping my trusty Rhino as the backbone of my hangar.


  2. List of changes:
    Vityaz +10% HP
    Golem +10% HP
    Gl.Patton +10% HP
    Natasha +10% HP, +10% speed
    Fury +10% HP, +10% speed
    Carnage +200% shield regeneration speed, +100% shield reactivation threshold HP
    Rhino +20% speed, +20% to acceleration ability
    Fujin +10% shield HP, +10% speed
    Raijin +10% speed
    Jesse +10% HP
    Butch +10% speed
    Kang Dae +10% damage
    Nashorn +5% damage
    Ecu +19% HP (8 lvl)
    nash kang 200% damage to physical shields


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