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Bag of Soup Checks Out the “Inquisitor”

Could the new prototype Heavy on the War Robots test server offer a religious experience? Bag of Soup seems to think so!


I never got heavily into it, but when I used to play WARMACHINE the Menoth faction had me at hello. For those unfamiliar, imagine what a mech army from the Vatican would look like. I’ve always had a soft spot for Clerics and Paladins in role-playing, too.

So while it’s as-yet unconfirmed, bot markings on the new prototype Heavy have had some suggest it will be known as the Inquisitor, and if that’s the case, I’ll take five please, bartender.

Bag of Soup does a great job walking it through its paces here on the test server last week, making this an easy pick for today’s Featured Video!


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