NEWS: War Robots Test Server Weekend Details 7/22-7/23

Pixonic has released the details of the Test Server changes available for play this coming weekend, 7/22-7/23. They include:

  • The new “Beacon Rush” battle mode, which lets players respawn on captured beacons instead of in the starting area
  • Updates to the user interface based on player feedback from previous test sessions
  • New map in early stages of development
  • The new Heavy prototype bot returns. This bot has a “Descend” ability, which grants Stealth for 5 seconds upon landing after a Jump. It has 1 Heavy weapons slot, and 2 Mediums. This time around, it has +10% health.
  • Three different variants of the “chain lightning” weapon that can hit multiple targets
  • The “flamethrower” Heavy prototype returns
  • New paint jobs (including one for the Cossack!)
  • “Various robots and weapons rebalance”

Instructions for those interested in this latest round of testing can be found here for iOS. (Android information and availability unknown)

UPDATE: Android availability confirmed.


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