Video War Robots

Blastronaut: Super WarRobots Bros.

One of the most creative War Robots YouTubers shows what he's made of with this Nintendo/Pixonic mash-up!


If you’re of my generation, you probably collected baseball cards when you were a kid. And besides those of your favorite players (me: Dave Winfield) or favorite teams (me: New York Yankees), some of the most exciting cards to open were the rookie cards. From Topps’s “All-Star Rookie” to the “Rated Rookie” of Donruss, most would go on to careers of mediocrity, but there were always a handful that would be worth holding on to. For them, those rookie cards showed the hint of excellence, and the potential for more.

So it is with the creator of today’s Featured Video, Blastronaut. This guy has produced comparatively few videos overall, but the production quality remains absolutely top-notch. Look at the sound effect sequencing on display here, particularly when he goes on the attack. This sort of content is worlds away from even some of the top-tier players who seem to just turn on the record button for a few matches, cull the better ones, give it a little voiceover and call it a day.

At time of writing Blastronaut has 45 subscribers. If this level of quality continues, it should be twenty times that or more. I’m proud to be one to support this kind of creativity, and I’d urge you to do the same.



1 comment on “Blastronaut: Super WarRobots Bros.

  1. Ashe Sterling

    Huh, I never noticed how much Anarchy Rogatka looks and behaves a bit like Mario. Interesting way of thinking that guy has. In the good way.


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