War Robots Test Server: What’s Cooking?

Here’s a brief run-down for the War Robots 2.9.3 Test Server for July 22-23rd, 2017.

The new battle UI was further tweaked and seemingly ready. Any changes to it now seem minor and unnoticeable.

A noticeable feature concerning the Beacon Rush game mode has the mechs spawning near the beacon rather than directly on top of it and sometimes other mechs as well.

There was a new map on early stage of development called Dreadnought that was allegedly accessible if you chose the Domination game mode but I never got to see it, even after excessive waiting.

This problem wasn’t for everyone though. Some of the WR YouTube community were able to throw a few videos of the new map out which looked interesting enough…

The map seems to be centered around what looks to be a large downed spacecraft or mech carrier of some sorts that crashed into a desert. Immediately it brings to mind Battle of Titans first beta-testing battleground featuring large space cruisers crashed in an Arctic landscape and early footage of another planned battleground featuring a desert setting. Guess it will be interesting to see who does what first.

If there was a trick to accessing the Heavy robot prototype that many are calling the Inquisitor, then I never figured it out. According to the Test Server e-mail it states that the mech still features the Descend ability (a Jump with Stealth mode for next 5 seconds after landing and 20 sec ability cool-down) a 10% increase to durability with Level 8 statistics featuring 129k, speed 39 km/h, 1 heavy and 2 medium weapon slots.

This testing session featured three new medium “Chain Lightning” weapon prototypes that have the ability to hit multiple targets and were represented by the Zeus weapon housing. Although many of you will recognize this weapon from past testing sessions, the ranges and damage values as well as reload times are still being determined.

The new incendiary Heavy weapon prototype that I am taking liberty in temporarily naming ‘Kilgore’ in honor of Robert Duvall’s infamous portrayal of Colonel Kilgore in 1979’s Apocalypse Now! is a close-range weapon with no apparent counter to it’s attack. You get caught in it range, it’s your mech for dinner!

Kilgore (Incendiary Heavy Weapon Prototype)

The Kilgore Prototype ignores all energy shields and can easily penetrate physical shields with 10 seconds worth of “flammable liquid.” The Kilgore’s level eight statistics put it as 5850 damage per second with a range of 350m and a reload time of 5 seconds.

Not much to say about the various robots and weapons rebalance as it was listed. They are there, and they happen. Ho-hum. Apparently because many in the WR online community jump the gun and start talking about proposed nerfs and buffs that could or could not happen, the powers that be are being pretty tight-lipped about it. I guess it’s a law even in the War Robots Universe that the few ruin it for the many

New paint-job/skins include designs for the Cossack, Fury another for the Patton and Fujin.

GI. Patton as ‘SciFi’
‘Gold’ Fuijin with Chain Medium weapon Prototype
Another angle


‘Marine’ Fury with triple Nashorns

2 thoughts on “War Robots Test Server: What’s Cooking?

  1. Thank you for this information, I failed to attend at the last test. I do wonder if they plan on to add carriers in the game, we have been seeing them around forever…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading… You know that long ‘sky barge’ test-server map that is in early a few weeks back? Well, I envisiobed it as a ‘sky-barge’… I felt like the new Dreadnought Map sorta resembled a crashed fersion of that. Sorta…

      It would be neat if thats what Dreadnought ends up being… with destroyed meks and debris laying around and such.


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