NEWS: War Robots Test Server Weekend Details 7/29-7/30

Pixonic has released the details of the Test Server changes available for play this coming weekend, 7/29-7/30. They include:

  • The new “Beacon Rush” battle mode, which lets players respawn on captured beacons instead of in the starting area
  • Updates to the user interface based on player feedback from previous test sessions
  • New paint jobs (same as the previous week’s)

Instructions for those interested in this latest round of testing can be found here for iOS and here for Android.


7 thoughts on “NEWS: War Robots Test Server Weekend Details 7/29-7/30

  1. Excellent. I would suggest posting some links for becoming tester, and find a few testers willing to write an article detailing how to increase chances of getting accepted. That would make these test server details posts much less empty.


  2. Why will you not let us have be on rush forever? It should not just be 10 days. I hope you guys fix this sometime soon. It really bummed a lot of people that were expecting it to be forever! So please. I beg you.


    1. Hi Jack! That’s a question for Pixonic. We’re just a fan site. 🙂

      If you’re wondering why it’s temporary, it may well be to see how it’s received. A “trial balloon,” to see if players enjoy it enough to keep it, or if it’s something they bring back every now and then as a special event.


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