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NEWS: Battle of Titans Announces Second Round of Beta

A new round of beta testing is underway for Battle of Titans. Here's how to get involved!

Battle of Titans (BoT) developer Red Button had been quiet for a good portion of the summer while they concentrated on the task of refining their software for a second beta build. Starting Friday morning and on into the early weekend they trickled out announcements about what they’ve been up to, culminating in an invitation for more iOS beta testers to apply.

While Android gamers will have to wait a bit longer it seems, BoT indicated in several comments that they fully intend to bring the game to Android devices when the initial game itself is completed. In the meantime, Red Button released a screenshot from an internal test of the new beta system showing a fifty-versus-fifty deathmatch!

Mayhem in all its thunderous glory!

While it does not seem likely that actual match sizes will be anywhere near that large it is a definite demonstration of the potential that Battle of Titans has to be a record breaking multiplayer mobile game. The possibility of matches larger than the initial 8 vs 8 that were announced this spring seems reasonable to consider. We’ll be watching to see more.

Perhaps the most significant news though is the implementation of AI itself. The stated purpose, was to help fill in the occasional holes in matchs when a player quits or is disconnected with AI controlled bots. This makes one hopeful for the prospect of other uses for the AI down the road, in addition to helping to keep game experiences smoother for more players and minimize the frustration of team mates who leave matches. It will certainly be interesting to see what BoT has in store for its legion of bots.

The announcements today also made note of some balance changes as well as the addition of the new Light mech. The teased flying mech and a desert map do not appear to be a part of this update, but from our last conversation with Red Button, aren’t far behind. Here are the changes we do know are coming.

  • The game’s original Light mech, Little Shon, will have its armor resistance removed.
  • The M.A.O. Medium mech will be made more durable.
  • The heavy weapon, the Hammer will become more accurate.

You can check out the full announcement and invitation to become a beta tester here.


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5 comments on “NEWS: Battle of Titans Announces Second Round of Beta

  1. Ashe Sterling

    50 versus 50? I would dream of that kind of multiplayer battle. Even if it’s 50 Destriers versus another 50 Destriers, it would be fun.


    • Even the 8 vs 8 sounds cool to me still!
      I’m defientely excited to see what this leads to.


  2. What is the date battle of titans released


    • As a matter of fact it’s just been delayed. No new date is set but it’s reasonable to expect a 2018 1st quarter release.


  3. I tried many times on November 24, 2017 and I didn’t get the game as yet but can u please help me to get


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