Battle of Titans

Battle of Titans: Beta 0.4.0 First Look

What's new with the Battle of Titans beta? We break it down!

Today marked the release of the first major overhaul of the Battle of Titans Beta test. In addition to all around optimization, AI bots, bug fixes and a new light Titan. Red Button delivered a surprise in the form of a second, previously undisclosed light Titan, called Mite.

The mighty Mite promises to keep things interesting with a high degree of mobility and the ability to scale any terrain with ease.

The unexpected but welcome light Titan was easily unlocked in our first play session after a second match earned us enough points to purchase it. The potential for ambushes and scouting or support for heavier artillery types was readily apparent. It skitters across snow and the walls of structures like an agile insect and seemed small enough to be able to keep out of sight when necessary.

When our spawn was being over run by enemy Titans I looked for higher ground!

Despite the excitement of an unexpected new toy the best part of this update was certainly the AI controlled Titans. From what I saw the AI was balanced and able to act reasonably aggressive without making overly foolish manuevers which would make it vulnerable. AI controlled Titans generally stayed in groups which made the necessity of working as a team obvious. In regards to my own team, the AI seemed to  scan, actively looking for threats. AI also appeared to pay particular attention to my direction of travel as well as the facing of my weapons and tower. Although we have not recieved confirmation of this the friendly AI definetly appears to prioritize supporting players.

When I looked behind me to see if the AI was moving toward our opponents, most of the bots turned and checked the direction I was looking as if they were making sure we weren’t being tailed. However they seemed to ignore this mechanic if  engaging a threat.

Matches consisting of mostly AI opponents seem to maintain balance by only using Titans from one of the players squads. When I played my first couple of matches I only had a squad value of four out of a maximum of six (Titans take up one, two or three squad slots, based off their class, light, medium or heavy). At the end of  each match the winning team had only scored 32 points, meaning each squad in the match was of the same value. When I added the Mite, winning teams jumped to 40 points (5×8=40) so for now it looks like the AI has been integrated intelligently to maintain balanced matches.

While I was distracted by a pair of enemy Titans directly to my front, this medium AI controlled M.A.O. moved through the low ground to get on our flank and left me defenseless after a full missile barrage to my already battered tower.

Another significant change was an improvement to the upgrade menu for both Titans and weapons. The initial beta menus were found awkward and hard to understand  by some testers. They now appear much more intuitive with a Green, Blue and Gold color coding system. Potential upgrades are still generated in sets of three with blue being a normal upgrade, green unlocking an additional upgrade slot, and gold being a rare and unusually strong upgrade.

I was lucky enough to get a few random gold upgrades but chose to pass on them in order to try and unlock additional upgrade slots.

Gameplay was noticeably smoother than previous beta and I didn’t experience any glitches during the matches I played preparing to write this article. Damage to Titans feels real and on more than one occasion my Ravager was sent reeling and stumbling back after being on the wrong end of a barrage of rocket fire. When weapons are damaged they become difficult and eventually impossible to aim. Special abilities and mobility are similarly vulnerable to area specific damage. For a complete list of updates and improvements see the official Battle of Titans Facebook page.


About Jesse

Born and raised in the green mountains of Vermont, Jesse now lives in South Carolina with his wife, Stephanie, and their five children. A life long gamer and fan of science fiction, fantasy, and history, Jesse enjoys storytelling and world building in the written form and through the unique medias and mechanics of gaming. Jesse has a deep interest in history and how forces like human nature and economics shape the story of mankind. Service as a US infantryman has shaped his view of the world and imparted an appreciation for a wide range of human experiences. He draws inspiration from the works and styles of J.R.R. Tolkien, Michael Stackpole, and Bernard Cornwell as well as his own experience.

7 comments on “Battle of Titans: Beta 0.4.0 First Look

  1. Nice breakdown, Jesse. I’m really enjoying the new physics and AI.

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  2. Good article!
    I’ve been testing BoT for a while and would love to try out a few gameplay concepts utilizing small teams.
    Do you use discord mate?

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  3. Patiently waiting for Android beta testing to begin.

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  4. Me gustaría jugarlo


  5. Ilove battle tetans


  6. pchanh05



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