Battle of Titans Video

Battle of Titans: The Mighty Mite

The new Light bot in Battle of Titans is a troller's dream. Come check out the Mite!


New bots are always a cause for excitement, regardless of the game you play. In this video, we get a great look at the new Mite from Battle of Titans, which combines the gravity-defying acrobatics of the Nelly with a smaller profile. Battle of Titans continues to show it’s not just a “clone” of existing games, but has more than enough to stand on its own two feet.

Or six, as the case may be!


4 comments on “Battle of Titans: The Mighty Mite

  1. Such a fun hit and run mech!

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  2. The Mite is a riot. He’s like a monkey on speed. I’d like to see a full squad of Mites only. Watch them running rampant over the battlefield.

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    • Ive seen a few swarms of them, like an army of crabs, skittering along the snow and launching a ceaseless volley of stinger missiles into an oncoming pack of Ravagers or a lumbering Tirpitz. The mech diversity of BoT is pretty impressive so far.


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