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NEWS: War Robots Releases Update 3.0

A new War Robots update... and it's a big 'un!

Developer Pixonic released the most recent major update to War Robots yesterday on the Android platform, with the iOS not far behind.

The new update includes the following:

  • the Beacon Rush game mode (limited time only)
  • Combat interface revamp
  • Vityaz, Golem, Patton, Boa: +10% HP
  • Natasha, Fury: +10% HP, +10% Speed
  • Rhino: +20% Speed
  • Carnage: Ancile rebalance/buff
  • Raijin: +10% Speed
  • Fujin: +10% Speed, +10% Ancile
  • Butch: +10% Speed
  • Jesse: +10% HP
  • Kang Dae: +10% DMG
  • Nashorn: +5% DMG
  • ECU: Massive HP buff at lower end
  • Zenit buffs
  • Miscellaneous fixes and tweaks, new skins

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