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War Robots VR Hits Steam

War Robots hits steam with a VR experience for fans of the hit mobile game.

While most western gamers slept Wednesday night Pixonic released the first chapter of War Robots VR: The Skirmish, on steam. Steam’s description called the virtual reality game a short but highly immersive teaser for a shooter set in the War Robots universe. Fans will undoubtedly get a better picture of what that universe looks like in this first person experience. To date, the War Robots universe has been intentionally left undefined and certainly hasn’t had a story told within its confines. The steam description went on to give a little insight as to just what the franchises lore will be. Fans won’t be surprised to find “a never ending global war” set in a city “torn by endless battles.” However the promise of discovering what brought you and a squad member to this dark battlefield suggests that Pixonic is ready to commit to a narrative for War Robots. Considering that War Robots VR: The Skirmish is the second title for the franchise it seems we should all expect to see a broadening appeal to the gaming market by Pixonic hinging on their hit mobile game. For now players will need a virtual reality headset to experience War Robots beyond the mobile game.


Interested gamers without the minimum required hardware can enjoy a 360 degree video experience that takes them through this chapter of the adventure from the cockpit vantage point of one of the game’s giant sized war robots. The video can be found here on the official War Robots Facebook page.

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2 comments on “War Robots VR Hits Steam

  1. Ashe Sterling

    Wow… I’ve used VR before, and the scenery graphics are just amazing. Hurts your eyes after, though.

    I hope that they add a story mode for WR mobile, it would be fun to use Zenits and Noricums on NPCs. Or play co-op.


    • Ashe, thanks for the comment! A co-op story mode would be a blast in the WR setting!
      Although I suspect something like that is more likely to appear in a different title than in the current app, but hear is hoping!


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