This Week in Mecha

Hey there! It’s been a week bursting with news in the mech genre, with plenty more to come. Rather than a stream of news articles, we thought we’d put them all in one piece for your reading pleasure! 


Pixonic has released the latest update yesterday for the War Robots game, version 3.0.1, following close on the heels of the latest major update.

This modest update features tweaks to the user interface and some additional modifications to the rocketry mechanics.


Fans of the Ezmos faction have something to look forward to, as Krieg Games teased the next mech release: the Mammoth MkI! This Tier X behemoth looks to pack a major punch, and will be the second Tier X mech in the game, replacing the Psycho as the Ezmos faction’s mightiest unit.


LOTS of stuff going on with the genre’s godfather property. Harebrained Schemes– the developers behind the upcoming video game currently in beta- have rolled out a multiplayer skirmish mode. This is very early in the process and crashes, glitches and all are expected, but players with a beta key can help test out this new mode.

In addition, a flamethrower weapon has been introduced. It’s worth noting that BattleTech is a game where you are constantly having to manage your heat level to prevent your mech from shutting down, so this is a great example of “alternative damage.”

For those who might have a hankering for the old tabletop-style game, there’s been some exciting news out of GenCon as well. Catalyst Labs is producing an all-new BattleTech tabletop miniatures game. Slated for release next year, you can get a sneak peek at what’s coming on their Facebook page!


Finally, Kingart Games released the first teaser trailer to their upcoming video game, Iron Harvest. Set in the 1920+ world that also hosts the Scythe board game (and covered by us here), this is a great first look at the gameplay and world of Iron Harvest. Check it out!


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