War Robots Custom Matches: First Thoughts

Thats right! In case you hadn’t heard already War Robots developer Pixonic recently announced that they will be adding the long requested custom matches to their hit mobile game. This is big news that follows on the heels of Pixonic’s experimental implementation of  War Robots second game mode, Beacon Rush.

Beacon Rush has been so well received and had a significantly low enough impact on matchmaking for conventional matches, now called Domination, that Pixonic has openly considered leaving the new mode as a permanent feature, and canceling its planned removal as a temporary and experimental mode. Regardless of whether or not fans have to wait to see Beacon Rush permanently implemented as a game mode one thing is clear. Pixonic has made good on their first quarter promise to pursue a variety of match modes for players.

Chatting with War Robots players there is a lot of excitement about custom matches. Once implemented the community will doubtlessly find some creative and impressive ways to utilize this feature. One concern that came up in conversation in a few places was the potential for exploitation. As with any change to a games match making their is always the potential for less scrupulous players to find a loophole at the community’s expense. Considering this possibility I reached out to Pixonic’s community management team and was glad to hear the response that I received. Custom matches will be considered non-competetive and will not receive normal rewards or impact ranking. That’s good news for players who enjoy playing the game as designed and enjoy the challenge of growing a competitive hangar.

Its also good news for clans and new players. New players will have the means to create friendly matches to experiment within or to learn from veteran clan members in a controlled environment. As part of a large WR clan myself I can say that one of the challenges current matchmaking has created is that it is difficult to integrate new or lower levels pilots into the clan without potentially generating frustration for them as well as more veteran players who are unable to squad with them in a balanced match or neutral environment. Custom matches will allow specific players to be added to either a friendly or an opposing team and as well as select specific matches.

Of course this feature is not limited to benefiting new players or clans in their quest for training. The potential is huge for a variety of play experiences. Tournaments of every shape and size could spring up overnight. Are you a hardcore player? Then help your clan climb the brackets! Like to keep it casual, or even goofy? How about a level one only Destrier tournament! For those off you more somber players perhaps a level six silver item only tournament is in order. The list goes on indefinitely, Sniper Tournament, Brawler Tournament, and maybe even a Zenit only Tournament. Why not? I think you get the point. When I asked if Pixonic was planning any official tournaments that would utilize custom matches  their response was that they are looking into it.

A further explanation of the intent behind custom matches was simply expressed as a means to add fun to the game for players. With the seriousness of leagues and the amount of effort it can take to earn the required Silver to max a hangar, it is a prudent business move, as well as good design choice for Pixonic to add a feature that for perhaps the first time, (knock on wood) no one can find something to complain about.

A last aspect of custom matches that I am personally looking forward to is once again, playing with my kids. Before leagues I used to trade out my high level ‘bots for equipment that was comparable to theirs. It was fun for them and a nice change of pace for me. Fun for the whole family, as the saying goes! Since leagues have been in place squadding with the kid hasn’t really been an option, outside of creating a second account. I did that, and am now happily passing it off to my four year old to play with dad and the big brothers when custom matches arrive. It’ll be just like wrestling  on the living room floor… but with robots!


7 thoughts on “War Robots Custom Matches: First Thoughts

  1. Custom matches would be so fun! If there can be more than 12 players in each match, it would be perfect. It would enable the simulation of a party and a lot of map-exploring, scenery strolls and others during holidays.

    Funny how a peaceful match sounds amazing, yet impossible in WR.

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    1. Currently my clan has over 170 members, but I have yet to successfully time drop in order to get 12 members in a match and do the “family photo” that I see other clans post occasionally. Clan “friendly” matches, training new members, 1 vs 1 matches. Or just exploring as you mentioned. There will be a whole new way for players, especially those with friends lists, to experience the game.


      1. Over 170 members… Do you happen to be in Aurora Nova?

        But overall “family photos” sounds like a wonderful thing! How do you gain acess to custom matches? So far I haven’t been very active in custom matches.


  2. What I found most appealing was the inclusion of 1v1 Honour Matches … there’s a long list of Pilots that I want to send Invites to.

    Also, this opens the doors to custom videos that can spark a whole new trend of WR telated media.

    But no matter how well designed the “Custom Matches” are, without an in-game Friends List, “Custom Matches” will be a Clan-based mode and Solo Players, like myself, will be unable to enjoy it.

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    1. Firebeard, Ive given the video content this could generate some thought as well. How awesome would WR short films be?
      A dedicated group could record battles edit, and add voice overs. Id love to work on a project like that, it would take a lot of “filming” and editing but why not. With ios 11 promising built in screen recording we will see an influx of new video and new ideas. Im looking forward to it.


      1. It would be a huge undertaking but we could see dedicated shows, and short films like you suggest.

        I was thinking of creating one called, “The Saloon.” For all the WW Mecha pilots to discuss their battles and insight into strategies using them. With highlights from recorded battles.


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