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O Brother Where art Thou?

Close your eyes for a moment, you can miss a lot. Close them for a week, and man is there a lot to catch up on!

Man oh man did I pick the wrong week to be away! A quick peek around the mechaverse shows tons of goodies popping up all over. So much to get excited about!

Not just in the world of mecha, but in the world of MECH*SPECTRUM too. If you’re wondering why things have gone a little quieter than usual, it’s because we’re working on some pretty big things. Details are coming soon, but we think everyone’s going to be as excited as we are for what’s around the bend.

Here’s one teaser: if you War Robots fans liked our Tempest giveaway, you’ll love what’s coming next!

So let’s take a stroll and see what’s going on out there.

As we all know, War Robots has kept up the pace of change with the release of the Haechi, Bulgasari, and Kumiho. It’s a “limited release” in the sense that they aren’t generally available except through random chance, a topic we’ll be looking at in closer detail this week. The same goes for the game’s newest weapon, the Scourge.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s another bot in development on the test server, which has the ability to sort of “float” upwards for a limited time- just the thing to get some shots away when you’re behind cover.

Pixonic has also taken the random chests that used to be exclusive to events and made them evergreen, calling it the “Black Market.” At present, the Black Market is the only way to get the new gear, though Pixonic has signaled that this is temporary. For what it’s worth, the Tempests are in the Market too.

The Valley map we first saw on the test server a couple months ago is live. Some other recently-floated test server tweaks are now added as well. Kinetic weapons do more damage to physical shields, giving the game a more conventional rock-paper-scissors arrangement that has served as a sort of best-practice model in other games. The Noricum has been tweaked to make it more viable, reducing the spread of missiles and rebalancing the damage. The days of being able to “ride out” Noricums may be in decline.

The Raijin has been given a breath of life with a damage buff in its Bastion mode. The Raijin’s purpose as a chokepoint defender or sniper has long been clear, but it’s seldom been considered a contender. This should go some way to help.

Finally, some smaller tweaks have been made to other weapons. Seven of them got a nudge up in potency (+5%), while interestingly four got scaled back. Given how much Pixonic has been pushing up the Gekko, it’s perhaps not as surprising to see it get nudged down. What I find most interesting is the nerf to the Thunder. In their patch notes, Pixonic claims two factors moved their hand. First was the buff to physical shields, making the Thunder more dangerous to a select group of bots. That’s fair, but the other factor represents a striking development: game mode efficacy.

See, with the ability to spawn right into a firefight in the Beacon Rush game mode (which is also going evergreen), the drawback of the Thunder– the need for close range to get the most from it- was mitigated. But balancing for one game mode may mean an imbalance in the other. At 5%, the difference is likely to be minimal, but you can be sure that Pixonic will now be tracking two different sets of data, and it will be interesting to see where they overlap- and where they don’t.


Pixonic hasn’t been the only chef busy in the kitchen, as Red Button has been cooking up a new beta launch with a ton of changes. Some of these are crucial, such as better visibility for distant enemies. I enjoyed the long-range options in the game, but often felt like I was shooting at air.

There’s a whole list of the tweaks over on Facebook. In addition, thousands more beta invites have gone out, which should help immensely with that other frequent player concern- the inability to get matches to fire.

Another title that we want to bring aboard more is Robokrieg. We’ve touched on it a couple times, but look for some greatly expanded content coming soon!

The BattleTech crew at Harebrained Schemes had a blast demoing their upcoming game (currently in beta) at two of the largest game conventions in the world this past week. They wrote about their experiences, and even have a video of some gameplay in a new, extraterrestrial map setting.

That’s it for now, back to the writer’s chair for us to look at some of these new developments in closer details. We’ll see you later this week with more War Robots and Battle of Titans coverage- plus a few surprises!




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  1. With so much to check out its hard to decide where I want to go first!


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