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Andro Man: Best Setups to Kill Ancilots

Want to know the better loadouts for Ancilot hunting? Andro breaks it down!

Featured Selection

In today’s featured video, Andro Man takes advantage of the custom match test server to try out a variety of loadouts against an Ancilot. Now to be fair, this was a stationary target dummy, not a player fighting back, but I’ve noted before that custom matches will bring us a wealth of information we could only mine anecdotally before.

3 comments on “Andro Man: Best Setups to Kill Ancilots

  1. I dont care what anyone says, I still love that fat robot…. But more importantly, yeah, custom matches. That is going to be huge.


  2. Good video, of course you had to make it after I committed to my first Lancelot!

    Unsolicited constructive suggestions:
    1. Speed up the shooting clips
    2. Post the takedown time in each video rather than waiting to the summary screen
    3. Summary screen went by pretty fast, had to pause each one.

    Thanks for the video, good stuff.


  3. ₲λ₲λή ✞hξ Ќί⇂⇂ξ尺

    I am one of his dummy 😂


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