Battle of Titans

Battle of Titans v. 0.5.0: First Look

Find out what's new in Battle of Titans (BoT) beta development from our resident beta tester and correspondent.

Battle of Titans (BoT) developer Red Button announced Friday, leading into the long holiday weekend, that their beta version 0.5.0 had been completed and its release was imminent for another round of testing on iOS. Better yet for gamers following the game’s development, over four thousand new test applicants were invited to join in the fun of testing BoT as it takes one step closer to release which is hoped for at the end of this year. The large addition of testers is noteworthy as applicants previously were only added in groups of a few hundred at a time.

Included in the list of changes in 0.5.0 were adjustments to some of the weapons. As I mentioned in a previous article, the heavy weapons, Hammer and Sarisa underwent significant changes. M.A.O. even received Hammers, in their new assault configuration, to replace its previously standard equiped Sarisas. The machine gun, called Mangler, also underwent a big adjustment. As one of the earlier testers I was quite curious as to what these changes would be. I’m glad to report that by in large the changes seem practical, intuitive and go a long way to bring BoT to that ever elusive yet ever sought after target called balance.

Both the heavy weapons felt much more controllable and aiming was simpler. New visual effects for both weapons also made using them easier as well. The Mangler’s big change was the addition of a short wait period for it to reload. Other weapons seemed to undergo minor adjustments too. Of particular note, the medium to long range automatic cannons, called Tormentors, were a lot of fun. The new UI for weapons, displaying remaining ammunition and reload times was a noticeable improvement and added to ease of use and enjoyment.

Four medium range Tormentors on a Nelly medium titan were surprisingly satisfying. Their quick firing and reload cycle made for meaningful “fire and manuever” tactics.

Weapon and UI improvements as good to see as they were aren’t the most important changes that came with 0.5.0. Red Button’s release announcement included a long list of fixes for seemingly mundane details, but the cumulative effect of these changes has netted an overall improved experience. Two of these items really stand out from the rest of the list.

Control of the titan’s tower has been worked on, particularly when it is in a damaged state. In the game’s previous version a titan’s turret, or tower and weapons became almost impossible to control once they had sustained moderate to severe damage. That challenging effect had been implemented to add to a sense of realism and immersion, but has been wisely dialed back to the point of being noticeable but entirely manageable at the same time.

Another unique feature of BoT that has ‘realism and immersion’ written all over it is the movement of titans and their interaction with terrain. BoT terrain is noticeably rough and uneven, with hills craters and debris everywhere. Even in the first round of beta the game’s animations were very reflective of how a giant walking war machine should interact with terrain and how it should feel. It’s hard to describe without just playing, but it feels right. Some issues involving collisions with terrain pieces or difficulty moving through what visually appeared to be traversable terrain did occur in older versions. The current build goes a long way toward removing these nuisances and further unlocks the potential of BoT’s titan movement and environment interaction.

The total sum of this version’s improvements, and the large addition of beta testers
indicate that Red Button has taken care of much of the heavy lifting needed. There was a much quicker turn around between beta builds than in previous versions. With another map, and other content already revealed BoT has managed to not only sustain but also build enthusiasm and interest on its journey through beta and on toward release.

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Born and raised in the green mountains of Vermont, Jesse now lives in South Carolina with his wife, Stephanie, and their five children. A life long gamer and fan of science fiction, fantasy, and history, Jesse enjoys storytelling and world building in the written form and through the unique medias and mechanics of gaming. Jesse has a deep interest in history and how forces like human nature and economics shape the story of mankind. Service as a US infantryman has shaped his view of the world and imparted an appreciation for a wide range of human experiences. He draws inspiration from the works and styles of J.R.R. Tolkien, Michael Stackpole, and Bernard Cornwell as well as his own experience.

10 comments on “Battle of Titans v. 0.5.0: First Look

  1. Quisiera probar el test


  2. Chayanfavela

    When is it for android???


  3. Would love to be a test participant in your testing, the game sounds fantastic and can’t wait for its release. I have an IOS also and I no you have to be on it to be a test participant, that e-mail is , I don’t have WR on that device because I don’t want to pollute my tablet with that game, lol. Please consider me as a tester I’ll be a loyal player. My name is Frank King and my IOS account is under Wendy Johnson, when it becomes available I have a brand new galaxy samsung 10.1 tab A that I got just for BOT. TY, FRANK KING


  4. José Diogo

    I really like the graphics and the game is very good.

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  5. Furia da noite

    Eu gosto muito desse jogo principalmente dos graficos.



    gostaria de fazer o download dele onde consigo



    onde posso baixar o jogo ?


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  9. How to download this game…


  10. I was lucky enough to be joined as a tester early september. Enjoying the game very much. Would love to see a comprehensive info page with names, stats, weapons, etc. Is there any?


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