Bagofsoup’s Tulu Haechi

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Bagofsoup does a great job in his videos of explaining. You’re not just watching someone else play, but rather you’re privy to his thoughts and insights in the moment about what he’s playing. Here he looks at the new Haechi, in a midrange Tulumbas configuration. Well worth a watch!


2 thoughts on “Bagofsoup’s Tulu Haechi

  1. Thanks Dredd! I am sure I over explain things and talk too much in the videos, and I might explain a lot of basic stuff too, but I never know if newer or lower level players may be watching who don’t know certain things that other players take for granted.

    I’m pretty sure I forgot to explain that RDB Griffin means “Russian Death Button,” that a bunch of players on the Russian server were using the tulumbas and crv pins setup on the griffin, and they could just hit the red button and fire and almost kill half an opponent, so that’s why griffin or rhino tulumbas and crv pin setup’s are called RDB’s. Little things like that. But anyway, thanks a lot!


    1. Rarely seen in field but I had first usedvthis to great effect way back in test server.

      Post official release it’s fairly easy to play entire matches on one bot with this setup.

      Better use of timing would helped you out a heap.



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