War Robots

What’s that Buzz? It’s War Robots Radio!

Jesse's found a great War Robots podcast, and can't wait to tell you all about it.

Hey pilots!

One of the many enjoyable and frankly surprising pleasures of playing War Robots for over the last two and a half years has been its community. I am routinely floored by the amazing people I encounter and even become friends with from around the world. While not my intent in playing any game, meeting folks and sharing in the fun together has greatly amplified my own enjoyment of War Robots, and I suspect that many of you hold similar sentiments. Whether its learning from one another about tactics and builds, sharing life’s ups and downs and building a team, there is a good deal of satisfaction in the personal connection many of us have made over the months and years.

Recently, I met three players and learned about their unique project, which really caught my interest for a few reasons. Its called, “The very unofficial War Robots podcast,” and it’s brought to you by three players: Doctor Evil, Mr. Higgles, and the infamously funny Droopy Sack.

Now, I have to admit something about myself: I am not a fun person in most cases. I’m probably best described as a square. But, that said, even I had to laugh and enjoy myself listening to these guys talk about War Robots and the broad topics of discussion that the game and its community warrant. Funny is good, we all like a good laugh, but what stood out to me was that these podcasts weren’t just funny. Each hour long episode had a serious topic to discuss, and the funny part was like icing on an already delicious cake.

Even more impressive is that these three aren’t just having a discussion amongst themselves. Most episodes feature guests you’ll want to hear from, like YouTubers¬†Blitheran and Adraiannnnnn. Recently they had some great advice for players from Carey Fan who has helped launch a War Robots Academy to help pilots improve their game. If you dig back far enough you’ll even find an episode in which I ¬†share my thoughts on the game and its direction.

So, enough from me, check out their latest episode for yourself, right here! I am confident you will be back for more. Just pop in some ear buds and give it a listen while your are killing those reds!

About Jesse

Born and raised in the green mountains of Vermont, Jesse now lives in South Carolina with his wife, Stephanie, and their five children. A life long gamer and fan of science fiction, fantasy, and history, Jesse enjoys storytelling and world building in the written form and through the unique medias and mechanics of gaming. Jesse has a deep interest in history and how forces like human nature and economics shape the story of mankind. Service as a US infantryman has shaped his view of the world and imparted an appreciation for a wide range of human experiences. He draws inspiration from the works and styles of J.R.R. Tolkien, Michael Stackpole, and Bernard Cornwell as well as his own experience.

1 comment on “What’s that Buzz? It’s War Robots Radio!

  1. Thanks for passing this along. It’s about time WR had a podcast, like many good PvP games do. Liked listening and joined their facebook group as well. (Only nitpick is “Droopy” should drop his surname to appeal to younger listeners.)


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