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GIVEAWAY: The Twelve Days of Halloween

Want to win Dash bots and Scourges from our friends at Pixonic? Of course you do! We're bringing the Halloween spirit, and some amazing goodies!

Okay, so we’re not quite at Halloween just yet, but you know what? Good enough for the grocery stores, good enough for us! We’re excited to once again partner with Pixonic to bring you a giveaway of some great War Robots goodies!

And what are those goodies? Glad you asked! Here’s what we’re giving away…


So here’s how it works. You remember back when you were younger and you would go door-to-door, bag in hand looking for a treat at every one? Well, we’re going to send you all around the amazing War Robots community instead of your local neighborhood. A virtual trick-or-treating!

Each morning for twelve days, we’ll post here on MECH*SPECTRUM identifying that day’s special location and that day’s prize. Simply check in there (we’ll provide directions how in that morning’s post), and at around 10PM (EST) each evening, we’ll randomly select a winner from all check-ins. That’s it!

Because this is the kickoff promotion, today’s trick-or-treat will last until Friday, with a winner being decided Friday night. After that, it’s a new giveaway every day!

So let’s start off with a quick one!

Today’s location is: MECH*SPECTRUM (Hey, that’s us!)

To check in: All you have to do is subscribe to the site here on the main page:

It’s on the main page, on the right, as shown here. 

Not only will that let you stay abreast of MECH*SPECTRUM content, but it also makes sure you’ll get notice every day of how to enter that day’s giveaway!

And please be assured that your email information will not be sold, given away, or stuffed in an envelope and passed under the table to any second, third, fourth, or even fifth parties! You’re subscribing to our site (thank you!), not entering into an eternal purgatory of increasingly-inapplicable commercial spam. What happens on MECH*SPECTRUM stays on MECH*SPECTRUM.

Up for grabs: Let’s make it interesting! Friday at 10PM EST we’ll pick one lucky subscriber to win a Bulgasari! And if you’ve already subscribed to us, don’t worry- you’re already entered.

And starting Saturday, the giveaways will be daily for eleven more days!

For those on Facebook, you can also keep tabs on the giveaway by following our Facebook page.

Best of luck to all!

70 comments on “GIVEAWAY: The Twelve Days of Halloween

  1. If nobody wins, I’ll unsubscribe.


  2. Waited all night to see winner… nothing…


  3. Ok, you got me this time


  4. I’m subscribed and hope to get something… How how do I follow and like know when someone wins something??


  5. I’ve got no clue what is going on or what to do 😂😂😂😂


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