12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 2

Happy Saturday, everyone!

It’s been an unbelievable 24 hours for the MECH*SPECTRUM crew. In one of those ridiculous coincidences, both Jesse and I welcomed new additions to the family. Jesse had a son, and I had a daughter who simply couldn’t wait to come into the world and arrived quite unexpectedly early. Funnier still, that makes baby number five for each of us! Please make sure to enjoy the sleep we won’t be having for awhile so we can live vicariously through you! 😀

On the subject of congratulations, congrats to redsteal for a new addition to his (bot) family as well- a Bulgasari! He’s the lucky winner of our first giveaway, but don’t worry- we still have plenty more to give away- eight more Dashes plus a bunch of Scourges!

As the theme of the contest is door-to-door trick-or-treating, the next treat is a triple-pack of Scourges!

How to enter

You may want to pay close attention to this part, because any entries that don’t follow these instructions will be disqualified. And who wants that, right?

  1. Go to today’s contest destination, the fantastic Wiki Forum!
  2. Find my post for the contest (“Win a Triple-Pack of Scourges from MECH*SPECTRUM”). Don’t worry, it’s in plain sight on the Forum- this isn’t a scavenger hunt!
  3. Send an email to MechSpecGiveaways@gmail.com with the following in the title:
    1. Your user ID
    2. The “Secret word” contained in the post on the Wiki Forum
    3. Your platform (iOS, Android, Gameroom, or Amazon)
  4. Only emails with that information in the subject line will be valid!

This contest closes tonight at 11:59 PM (EST). A winner will be notified by email and announced in tomorrow’s post. And while you’re over there, if you’ve never visited the Forum before, take a moment to register and check it out. It’s an amazing, friendly and positive community I’ve been a part of since I started playing War Robots, and is a great place to learn and connect with others.

Best of luck, everyone!



35 thoughts on “12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 2

      1. Congratulations on the new offspring. My wife and I stopped at three. We finally found out what caused it. No more margaritas for her. 😉


  1. Congratulations on generating new human beings, Dredd and Jesse! And good luck: you’re both good for a 3 years changing a squealing bald demon’s diaper. 😉

    Congratulations to RedSteel for the Bulgasari win!


      1. Actually, now that I see how my response was displayed, I think that you can even just click the email that I just typed, and you’ll have a “send a message to” interface popping up. Just to make sure that I got it right, it’s MechSpecGiveaways@gmail.com


    1. I don’t think so, if you scan the sender it says that it’s “donotreply@wordpress.com” something, so it’s an email from WordPress (the network in charge of these blogs) notifying you about Mech*Spectrum.


    2. I don’t think so, the email is from “donotreply@wordpress.com”, so it’s not Mech*Spectrum who sent you that, it was the guys managing the blog network that M*S uses.


  2. Thanks!

    Christopher F Pollack, Ph.D.

    Licensed Psychologist

    Assistant Professor, University of Rochester Medical School

    Phone: 585-586-9420

    FAX: 585-381-1821


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