12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 4

The weekend’s behind us, and a new week ahead! We’ll continue to have new giveaways every day this week and beyond- a dozen prizes in all- and hopefully we can make someone’s Monday a bit more exciting than usual. 

First, congratulations go to Viet H. L., our lucky winner for Sunday’s competition. Viet walks away with a Haechi dash bot!

Now to kick off the work week, we’ll be giving a Kumiho dash bot to one lucky winner. How to win? This one’s cake!

All you have to do to enter is follow MECH*SPECTRUM on Twitter. That’s it! If there’s one place we’re eager to see the War Robots community grow, it’s in the realm of 140 characters. Pixonic keeps a pretty good presence there as well, and we’d love to connect with more folks who love blowing up robots just like us!

It’s also a great way to make sure you never miss a post here.

We’ll pick one winner at 11PM EST today from amongst those following, and send them a DM. Best of luck to all!



22 thoughts on “12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 4

    1. Sad for me too, though I wouldn’t crawl on the floor and make a twitter account just for this… “chance” but I appreciate the giveaway nonetheless…


  1. I have had a Twitter account for 6 years and been following WR for months. I just checked it and I’m not clear on what it is I’m supposed to do for this prize. Do I make a comment there ?


  2. Congratulations, Viet H. L.! I created a twitter account just to see all the stuff that our “lovely” presidents says. So lovely, in fact, that NFL players started having a new tradition in his honor.


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