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12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 4

Want to win a Kumiho dash bot? We're giving one away TONIGHT!

The weekend’s behind us, and a new week ahead! We’ll continue to have new giveaways every day this week and beyond- a dozen prizes in all- and hopefully we can make someone’s Monday a bit more exciting than usual. 

First, congratulations go to Viet H. L., our lucky winner for Sunday’s competition. Viet walks away with a Haechi dash bot!

Now to kick off the work week, we’ll be giving a Kumiho dash bot to one lucky winner. How to win? This one’s cake!

All you have to do to enter is follow MECH*SPECTRUM on Twitter. That’s it! If there’s one place we’re eager to see the War Robots community grow, it’s in the realm of 140 characters. Pixonic keeps a pretty good presence there as well, and we’d love to connect with more folks who love blowing up robots just like us!

It’s also a great way to make sure you never miss a post here.

We’ll pick one winner at 11PM EST today from amongst those following, and send them a DM. Best of luck to all!


22 comments on “12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 4

  1. That’s sad for me. I don’t have twitter and probably won’t ever. Good luck to others!!


  2. Neither do I.

    Sir Alex Ferguson said about sns before

    ‘Seriously. It is a waste of time.’

    And I believe it.


  3. Even sadder for me. I don’t have a Twitter account and won’t create one for a game prize. Good luck to others.


  4. I have followed you on twitter, but how will you know who I am in the game?


  5. orangeallis

    I have had a Twitter account for 6 years and been following WR for months. I just checked it and I’m not clear on what it is I’m supposed to do for this prize. Do I make a comment there ?


  6. I’ve followed you on Twitter


    • orangeallis

      Are you Ashkay ? I just checked you when you replied. I followed you back, sorry I didn’t see that sooner.


  7. orangeallis

    Never mind, I see. I’m supposed to follow Mech Spectrum as well as WR.


  8. Congratulations Viet H. L! I’m not getting twitter for the sake of the Kumiho, good luck to the next winner!


  9. Ashe Sterling

    Congratulations, Viet H. L.! I created a twitter account just to see all the stuff that our “lovely” presidents says. So lovely, in fact, that NFL players started having a new tradition in his honor.


  10. Savion Rodgers

    What ever happened to the scourges?


  11. Well im out of this now i dont do twiter


  12. Little zez

    Come on winner chicken dinner .I have Twitter and a hole lot of love .war robots go bang


  13. Come on winner chicken dinner .I have Twitter and a hole lot of love .war robots go bang happy hollawen every one on all sants day.


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