Battle of Titans Forum Launches

Given the success of the Wiki Forum (where I serve as a moderator), one of the common questions we get is when will something comparable appear for Battle of Titans? There’s a lot of hype and enthusiasm surrounding the upcoming Red Button release, and a board forum is a great way to give the nascent community another hub.

MECH*SPECTRUM’s own Jesse is a community liaison for Battle of Titans, and the Forum will also serve as a way to bring news, updates, and previews of upcoming features in one, easy-to-find location.

Come on by and make yourself at home!


2 thoughts on “Battle of Titans Forum Launches

  1. if my calculation is right they are looking to collect 54 million USD as max starting capital from the ICO? 180.000 ETH x 300 usd per ETH. I would consider this as a excessive for a game which is not even finished yet. I also find the videos and pics of the game available too few for a game which is alleged to be 95% finished. maybe they have better idea of the market size but raising 40 million by 2020 seems a bit optimistic, unless they decide to go the pixonic/ way and ruin another game as well.

    pretty interesting read on the whitepaper


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