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UPDATE: 12 Days of Halloween Day 5

Quick update to today's Facebook-centered contest!

Hey folks! Those participating in today’s trick-or-treat giveaway have been steered to the War Robots Players Page on Facebook, and we’ve been getting some feedback that their requests to join the Group have taken some time to be approved (or are still pending).

I connected with the page admins, and rest assured they are processing them as fast as they can. There are literally hundreds of requests to get through, and of course they do try and weed out the obvious spammers and bots that are attracted to any large group.

As a result, we’ll be extending the contest deadline for this one by 24 hours. We’ll pick a winner for it tomorrow night, not tonight. There will still be a new giveaway tomorrow as well, right on schedule.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

Finally, we got confirmation from Pixonic that they will be awarding all prizes at the conclusion of the contest, so those lucky winners will have to wait just a little bit longer to get their goodies. But we promise we’ll have them thoroughly checked before handing them out, to make sure the packages are still sealed and un-tampered-with. #trickortreat

9 comments on “UPDATE: 12 Days of Halloween Day 5

  1. ticktick boom

    Thanks for the update guys!!! I really want to win the scourge package or a dash bot and i was starting to worrry i would be disqualified because the players page request is still pending! As ALWAYS you guys ROCK!!!! THANKS FOR TAKING CARE OF YOUR PEEPS !!!


  2. Chris Pollack


    Christopher F Pollack, Ph.D.

    Licensed Psychologist

    Assistant Professor, University of Rochester Medical School

    Phone: 585-586-9420

    FAX: 585-381-1821


  3. Joshua Hernandez

    Hi how are ya, Dredd77? I love that you are doing a giveaway! I haven’t
    won, but im still hoping! How does it take to be accepted into the group, for face book. Im Jeshua Fernandez, I only use this for games, don’t really care for social media.


  4. High Inquisitor Sebaste

    Dang, talk about an overload! Well, looks like we’re waiting till tomorrow for the official announcement to who won… Best of luck to everyone!


  5. William Sabato

    Well, hopefully they process my request in time!


  6. snakeplisken

    Awsome news..I am still waiting on mine to be approved


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