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12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 6

Ready to hunt for a Haechi? Browse the stacks of the Iron Library, and you could win!

Hey everyone! We’re now approaching the contest’s halfway point, with plenty more ahead on our trick-or-treat journey.

We had a small setback with yesterday’s contest, and extended it 24 hours to make sure everyone gets a chance to win. Spare a moment of gratitude for the overwhelmed volunteer admins of the War Robots Players Page. They’ve been remarkable in getting as many people approved as possible, but at the end of the day it was a big ask in a 24-hour period.

Lessons learned!

We’ll have the winner of yesterday’s contest AND today’s contest decided at 11PM EST tonight! And what’s up for grabs for Day 6? Glad you asked!

As a thanks for rolling with the unexpected, let’s give a fun one! I know a lot of folks are really keen for a Haechi, so let’s make that today’s prize.

A lot of folks know that Pixonic runs a couple of War Robots sites, and a new site will be coming up quite soon. In the meantime, let’s go visit their official blog! is the home of the Iron Library, a collection of useful articles hand-picked by Pixonic as the best of the crop of submissions for a writer’s contest. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the game, that’s a great place to have bookmarked.

So here’s how to enter.

  1. Go to and look for my comment on one of the recent articles. It’s under the name “Jay,” my profile pic shows me in the unmistakable hoops of the greatest soccer team in the world (Glasgow Celtic), and- of course- it references this giveaway. This one is a bit of a scavenger hunt, but it’s also a great chance to see some of what the Iron Library has to offer!
  2. Note the “secret word” in my article comment.
  3. Send an email to with the following in the title:
    1. Your user ID
    2. The “Secret word”
    3. Your platform (iOS, Android, Gameroom, or Amazon)
  4. Only emails with that information in the subject line will be valid

This contest closes tonight at 11:00 PM (EST). A winner will be notified by email and announced in tomorrow’s post.

Best of luck, trick-or-treaters!!

32 comments on “12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 6

  1. Boy i wanna win a haechi, i sent the email, there’s about .5% chance to win tho


  2. This one is a bit tough, but i like it it’s more efficient in filtering the one’s who deserve the prize(they have to put in some extra work). Let’s go hunting!!!!


  3. I agree but i got it


  4. Deuteronomy 31:8

    I’ve been searching for an hour and still haven’t found it, but I’m reading lots of interesting and informative articles!
    Already love today’s contest much more then the last two days. Yay.
    It’s like I went trick or treating and the house didn’t have any candy but their cat just had puppies and I get to keep one. Or something like that.


  5. snakeplisken

    Found it!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Agreed – this was a good one. I’d never come across the warrobots website before but there is some good stuff on there. Good challenge finding the secret word and have bookmarked the site now so everyone’s a winner!


  7. Chris Pollack


    Christopher F Pollack, Ph.D.

    Licensed Psychologist

    Assistant Professor, University of Rochester Medical School

    Phone: 585-586-9420

    FAX: 585-381-1821


  8. Thanks for running this contest, your site is great and so is the Iron Library over at the War Robots site!


  9. Are they going to fix the broken matchmaking system?


  10. Hey just had another game champ league players on the other side again. Match lasted 3 mins. 1 player left after 1 min. Tell me what else can you do when this happens. I’m only in expert 3 why make us fight champ league player. WTF is that Guss. I’m now shaking with frustration and anger. This is getting worse. Players opting not to cap as there’s no point in these matches.

    The Clan I’m in having same problem. Lvl 9 bot and weapons having to face off against champ league players with lvl12 bot and weapons. Just plane bumb! I’ll stop playing if they don’t fix it soon. The games getting me upset. Not fun at all.


  11. I’ve tried to tell the devs but I just get a copy past response about their matchmaking system. Perhaps they need to play at me lvl to get the picture. I’m sure it fun to beat up on low lvl players every now and then.
    I like a challenge but this is a bit over board. I’m sure the champ leaders would prefer a challenge too.


  12. I typed to post a comment on the war robots blog but I can’t get it to verify my email.


  13. Ashe Sterling

    It was definitively my favorite giveaway so far, thanks for making us look around for the clue! Getting the passcodes handed to us on silver platters just don’t have the same thrill as to search for it.


  14. Sorry for all the comments. The giveaways a great idea. It was reading some of blog pages that prompted me to make the comment. I tried to comment on the war robot bold but I couldn’t get it ti verify my email so I couldn’t post there.

    I believe it getting worse as player stop playin. My son is one of those that has stopped. So the pool gets smaller and the problem gets worse.

    This is how good games collapse. Help make us heard pls.
    Before it’s too late!


    • Ashe Sterling

      Hi Chris! You’re not alone, we’re all getting sat on by champions and Ancilots right now. 😝

      The squad matchmaking is so bad that one of my clanmate started calling it “professional tanking” when they start up a group.


    • Deuteronomy 31:8

      My brother told me he was having problems being matched against all level 12 players. I hadn’t noticed this problem before, but I rarely check player profiles to see what I’m up against. I like to think this has something to do with my losing streak lately, lol.


  15. High Inquisitor Sebaste

    Do the prizes get sent to the winner via the game?


  16. so at what time you generally post about the new giveway


  17. Yup that should be your first priority.


  18. Dredd77 no comment about the matchmaking system from you either. What’s your thaught pls.


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