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12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 7

Ready to laugh AND win a Dash bot at the same time?

Wow, has it been a week’s worth of giveaways already?

Surely so, because here we are entering Day 7 of the contest, with a string of winners left in the wake. Let’s take a moment for a quick recap! 

Day 1: MECH*SPECTRUM, Bulgasari

Day 2: Wiki Forum, Scourges

Day 3: Reddit, Haechi

Day 4: Twitter, Kumiho

Now… to the prizes that haven’t been awarded!

Day 5: Facebook, Scourges

Big congratulations to Alex F., who found the secret word “Bat” and sent it in! Alex will be lighting up the battlefield with the crackle of electricity quite  soon. Just remember, Alex, they do more damage the closer you are, so don’t be shy!

Day 6: Iron Library, Haechi

Congratulation this time are in order for Andre D., who found the secret word in amongst the shelves of Pixonic’s Iron Library!

It’s gotta be here… somewhere

For his troubles, Andre will be tooling around the battlefield behind the wheel of a brand…new…Dash bot!

And that brings us to today’s giveaway, for Day 7.

This time, we’re going to trick-or-treat an up-and-coming YouTuber. Andro Man‘s videos first caught my eye with his Funny Squad series. In a landscape where folks labored to produce high-quality, educational videos, here was this guy who reminded me that above all else, the game was fun. Don’t take it too seriously!

If Stalkers Takeover had me laughing in my seat, then I was clutching my sides awhile later when he released Babies Takeover.

So… about that contest? Here’s how to enter to win a Bulgasari!

  1. Visit Andro Man’s YouTube Channel
  2. Look for the upbeat, celebratory video he made for the giveaway entitled I LIKE TO MOVE IT. At time of writing it hasn’t been published yet, but while you’re waiting make sure to check out his other stuff!
  3. The “secret word” is in the video.
  4. Send an email to with the following in the title:
    1. Your user ID
    2. The “Secret word” contained in the video
    3. Your platform (iOS, Android, Gameroom, or Amazon)
  5. Only emails with that information in the subject line will be valid!

And don’t worry- if for some reason Andro Man is incapacitated and can’t upload his video by around midday or so (because yes, life gets in the way sometimes), we’ll post up the preview copy. 🙂

Best of luck to all!



25 comments on “12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 7

  1. Sorry to correct you, if i am not wrong, for the day 5 Facebook scourge giveaway the secret word was FRANKENSTEIN AND DAY 6 WAS BAT.


  2. Just curious. What was the secret word in iron library contest..??


  3. Bearybear (Andre D)

    Totally stoked beyond belief Dredd. Ties in wonderfully with my birthday in two days too!
    Your other article where you guesstimated the value of a Dash at $100 feels about right; so this is an incredible present.


  4. So I need to contain those abc followings in the title or just in the body of the email?
    Also, I am pretty sure the condition b says the post is on Reddit. Is it an error or is it also on Reddit?


  5. Big-Dope-P!

    The video still isnt there, correct?


  6. Deuteronomy 31:8

    Did day 5 & 6 have the same secret word?


  7. Wel I better start praying again.

    GL to all of ya’ll


  8. Chris Pollack


    Christopher F Pollack, Ph.D.

    Licensed Psychologist

    Assistant Professor, University of Rochester Medical School

    Phone: 585-586-9420

    FAX: 585-381-1821


  9. What are the rest of the prizes?


  10. I am really looking forward to those Scourges!


  11. What was the secret word for Bulgasary, I suppose “ScareFace” or “ScarFace”, just wanna to know.


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