The Center Beacon Looks at Components

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The Center Beacon is one of the top-tier YouTube War Robots channels, and you know something’s a real hot-button issue when the video comes with a disclaimer that they will “try to focus on the positive.”

This is a huge controversy in the community right now. If you’re on iOS where Components haven’t dropped yet, you might want to brush up and see what’s in store.


2 thoughts on “The Center Beacon Looks at Components

  1. The only thing I worry about is if components collecting takes over the black market (eg; chests contain components more often then other prizes.)
    There seem to be an awful lot of component chests so far…


  2. The Center Beacon does have a point, Don’t buy if you don’t want to. Just enjoy the game, I’m super under leveled compared to other players but I still enjoy the game. I’m not going to lie though, some things do need to be fixed.

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