Lloyd le-Mar’s “No More War Robots”

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The single War Robots video that had- by far- the greatest impact on me as a player was Lloyd le-Mar’s tactical thinking series with the Gareth.

I wasn’t a Gareth pilot, but that scarcely mattered. The video showed me an entire new way to think about the game, to assess the battlefield, and most of all how to better engage the enemy through tactics rather than brute force.

As a content producer, le-Mar could be frustrating. With his superb articulation and a voice that called to mind Patrick Stewart’s, his videos were of the highest quality, but like a mercurial artist he never had the pace of production you wish he had.

“I don’t see the point in covering ground someone else already covered,” he would say, not realizing that so many of us wanted to get his take, his perspectives, his insights.

By the time le-Mar appeared on the Pixonic Community Roundtable last April, there was already the sense that he had one eye on the exit. That he persisted as long as he did was a credit to him and a blessing to War Robots.

And now, perhaps inevitably…this.

Cheers, Lloyd. I look forward to seeing you on the frozen wastes of Battle of Titans, a game which seems to have a tone and pace much more in line with what you lament the departure of here.


18 thoughts on “Lloyd le-Mar’s “No More War Robots”

  1. Yep, agree his videos and commentaries are, in short inspiring, one of the reasons I got so in to WR, will be missed, but as you said , Lloyd has been leaning towards BOT for a while.


  2. Yes yes yes. He’s right. I used to pilot a Gareth to. I’d got it to lvl9 with a tarren and a magnum. It was great for a while until they buffed the organ and pins velocity. Never played it again since then it became useless. Tactics was a big part of how I played too. I still use a Rog with orks and as it’s quite soft you have to play tactically to keep it alive. I have to say that with the amount is instalock long range weapons out there activating it skill (jump) is more likely to kill you than a bot at close range is. So it’s skill has become useless.

    This happens time and time again with pix. They keep taking the fun and skill out of the game. This is how WOW game play was destroyed. Unfortunately these game producers get greedy dum down their game so they have a bigger market base. They forget that it’s original player base is what got it where it is.
    They are just like politicians. They can’t see very far into the future.

    It’s seems that the game has gone passed it’s used by date. Pix needs to put it in the fridge before it goes off. I’ll hang in there a little longer as so many people are shouting out “Fix the game pix” that they may actually do something. It’s a great game. It can be great again. I’ve played the last few days and it’s been really bad. I even deliberately dropped down a rank to see if that would make a difference. Lol. I was kidding myself.

    Any way I’m going to have a crack at BOT for a bit. I just hate starting a new game all that effort and progress lost.
    Captain Cj out.
    Chris Green Australia.


    1. Wow I hope all this talk of War robots closing is not serious discussion…I only started playing a few months ago but I’m extremely addicted already.
      And not just to the black market.
      It would make me very sad if people stopped playing and that led to a forced closing of the game.


      1. It is actually.
        Has War Robots talked about closing before with no outcome, or is this the first time the community has been in an uproar like this?


  3. Hey. Just found out that BOT is made by some of the dev’s that left when Pixonic brought out the Walking was robots.
    That is such good news. I now know exactly what to do.
    Captain Cj out

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      1. While many like to romanticize the idea that the original WWR devs left the team because of idealogical differences with mail.ru, that doesn’t seem to be case. One Pixonic spokes-hole has stated that they left well before the deal with mail.ru was considered. I have no reason to believe this is untrue. I think it is more than likely that the devs left to work on a game on the cutting edge that was based on newer technologies with a fresher game engine, like BoT. They wanted to work on the latest and greatest like any do would. If BoT reaches the popularity of WR I think they would be subject to the same pitfalls that aggravate us so greatly as WT players. Popularity in mobile gaming almost inevitably leads to cash grabs, it is a sad fact.


  4. I thought I was alone with respect to my opinions of how wr has changed. The narrative in the video expressed my thoughts exactly, and so very eloquently. I’ve been playing for several years and have experienced a lot of frustration until I learned to game the system as described in the video. The reason, is that I only spent a meager amount of real money as I didn’t feel the game was worth the financial commitment. It is a shame that PIXONIC has decided to sell out as a gaming provider and has gone down the path of changing a wonderful game to a pay to win game. And, pay you must if you want to compete. Look, I just want to be able to select robots and weapons and play. I do not want to play a game that doesn’t allow me complete control over acquiring a new robot or weapon.

    One other comment. The game is already extremely unbalanced with regard to the number of dash bots in existence in game play. I’ve seen numerous hangers with all lvl 12 dash bots and most battles have a least five dash bots, usually on one team. And you can guess who’s won those matches. So very disappointed I am in a game that had so much promise, but only succumbed to thr utter greed and of the developers. Of course it takes those players spending a lot of real money to support it. I’m shocked that people spend so much on a mobile game.


  5. First time posting comments about WR game, long time player. I agree with Lloyd. Watching his video for the first time, he summarize it nicely how it change over time. Is there any chance Lloyd will comeback, if Pixonic fix the black market and rebalance the bots? Thanks Dredd77 putting this video of us to view. I have enjoyed 12 days of Halloween give away. It was educational along the way.


  6. Wow am I the only guy that thinks he’s an extremely annoying cop out?
    Bad tactics with bad game play and a silly sounding voice to boot. Come on guys did you really think a rich upper class English guy cares about what any of us think?
    Good riddens to a poor channel


  7. “A rich upper class English guy” …

    Stereotyping based on…what? An accent and being well-spoken?

    I think we’ve got bigger fish to fry than knocking on the YouTubers.

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