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12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 12

The 12 Days of Halloween Giveaway is coming to an end...but we have one last Dash to give out!

And then there was one! Today the 12 Days of Halloween giveaway comes to an end with one last Dash to give away. Let’s get it on!

First, big congratulations to Mark for finding the secret word on the War Robots database site and winning the Bulgasari. As a reminder, prizes for all winners will be delivered by Pixonic after the giveaway concludes. For you early winners especially, your wait is almost over!

Now for today’s giveaway, we’ve got a Kumiho to bring things to a close. For our last trick-or-treat, we are heading over to The Very Unofficial War Robots Podcast.

  1. Send an email to with the following in the title:
    1. Your user ID
    2. The secret word (see below)
    3. Your platform (iOS, Android, Gameroom, or Amazon)
  2. Only emails with that information in the subject line will be valid!
  3. The secret word is as follows. At one point in the most recent podcast (entitled “The Bag of Soup Interview Part the Second”), the question is asked, “is it universally too powerful across the board?” What weapon or bot are they referring to?
  4. This giveaway ends tonight at 11PM EST, at which point we’ll draw a winner for our final item for this giveaway, a Kumiho!

Best of luck, trick-or-treaters!

10 comments on “12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Day 12

  1. Oh well, I’m never going to win it.


  2. So, I need to do this later today , in peace and quiet, I would like to say a huge thanks to Dredd77 for running the competition. I knew a lot of the sites , but I also discovered the Discord channel and the funny youtuber , which I had never seen before. So thanks again and I am looking forward to the next competition*.

    * as long as there are no pictures of football* strips …. *soccer



  3. So only he found the secret word in the last giveaway?


  4. Man, this podcast lasts an hour and the chance to be selected in 1:10 000 at least, guess… So, guys if you will not win at least you will get some interesting info about the game. Anyway, I will listen to it while developing own game.


    • I’m in the last 10 minutes of it and just realized “Oh crap I forget to listen for it” 😂


      • hah… another hour for Kumiho). The same was almost with me, but I heard the word “powerful” at the last moment while coding, then relistened that part. But at least, the podcast was informative, there will a huge disbalance in the game in the upcoming update.


  5. Well congratz for the winners

    and goodluck on the last day
    Don’t need the Kumi zo guess I’m out


  6. PaNtHeR_IcHiGo

    You want me to listen to 1 whole hour just to have a chance to enter a giveaway to win a kumiho and the chances of me getting it even if I get in the giveaway is less than 2% !
    No thank you I’ll use my time in other things !


  7. That podcast is pretty interesting!!!


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