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12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Finale

The 12 Days of Halloween giveaway has come to an end... ...or has it? #muahahaha

Hey folks! For the duration of the giveaway we’ve sent you from one end of the War Robots community to the other, looking for secret words and puzzles all in the hope of winning a Dash bot or bundle of Scourges

We’ve had a terrific time, and- if the feedback so many have you have put in your emails is any indication- so have you. Thanks to all of you who entered and helped spread the word, and for those of you new to MECH*SPECTRUM, we’d love to continue to hear from you!

Our final winner is Dave, who also remarked that he loved the podcast. Thanks, Dave, I’m sure you’ll love your Dash bot too!

So happy (early) Halloween, everyone, and thanks for playing!








So… you know how in the horror movies, the monster isn’t ever really dead the first time? How it pops up for one last fright?

Yeah, this too.

With that in mind…who wants to win an Inquisitor or some Embers?

Details soon…


22 comments on “12 Days of Halloween War Robots Giveaway: Finale

  1. Looking forward to the next event , going to be hard to top this one, cheers .


  2. William Sabato

    Damn nice. Would def give out embers in duos; the carnage is the best heavy mount for most of us!

    Inquisitor tho…..NO ONE EXPECTS THE Inquisitor


    • He’s not Spanish, he’s a very naughty boy. ….well if you can misquote so can I:)


  3. I named on every single event.. but failed

    Maybe God left me an INQUISITORS instead of dash.


    • Guardian Decker

      God dosn’t participate in random drawings that have no relations whatsoever to him lol


  4. He’s not Spanish, he’s a very naughty boy. ….well if you can misquote so can I:)


  5. Here, wait, don’t go , was the answer ,ancile ?????


  6. Can´t wait for the next event and test my luck out!


  7. İt better to test your luck in the BM as you see what is going on there, but here you see only the “name” of some kind of winner. No offence, just I don’t believe what I didn’t see or hear, just don’t want waste time on something that is unclear for me, it is personal opinion.


  8. How do we claim our prizes?


  9. Thanks for putting together a fun contest with some AWESOME prizes! Made me look around at some new sites as well.



  10. Thanks for hosting the contest. Lots of fun participating.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. David's Destroy¶

    How long will we have to wait the prizes until now???


  12. Ashe Sterling

    Thanks for the giveaways! Although that I didn’t get anything, it was really enjoyable to visit so many WR communities. Looking forward to the next one!


  13. xXRobotrippiNXx

    I like the skull skin on the Fujin in the graphic. Would be cool if they did some skull/death/dark/evil skins this event. I’d grind for them.


  14. Andria G.

    Are we supposed to claim the prize or something?


    • You’re good, it’s in Pixo’s hands now!


      • This wait is torture LOL. its the weekend now, but i hope theres still someone over at PIX that is able to send through the prizes before the weekend is over.


  15. Cuong N …. My dash appeared in my account today 😉 Happy, happy , happy ……. Thanks again Mech*Spectrum , Looking froward to the next competition !!! win, draw or lose


    • Same he’s appeared in my account overnight 🙂
      Such an amazing sight to wake up to this morning lol.
      Thanks to Dredd and the rest of the MechSpectrum team.


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