Stew Pendous: Changes are Needed, but…


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The other day we featured a video from Lloyd le-Mar, departing War Robots based on changes to the game he no longer found enjoyable. There are a number of different perspectives on the current/ongoing situation with Pixonic, and we’re going to highlight a spectrum of them.


4 thoughts on “Stew Pendous: Changes are Needed, but…

  1. I love Stews level headed response and my respect for him, as I’m sure he’s aware is boundless. I’ve been a sub of Stew Pendous since before he had 50 sub’s and I knew he’d go far.
    Much better than that annoying sell out talentless Lloyd Le whatever!


  2. I just started WR. Looking for a new game, because the one I liked (I will not say the name, but it is the strategic type of a rebellion in the void). The publisher of the game stopped listening to their gamers, making it boring, almost to the point of being more P2P than P2W, not to mention F2P.
    I really liked WR so far and I hope it does not go that way.


  3. dredd 77 are going to review phoenix “no more war robots”???
    after lloyd, now phoenix will it end all the war robots youtubers video?
    is pixonic even caring about situation?


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