Blitheran’s State of the Game

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Like many of us content creators, Blitheran has worked closely with Pixonic. Here he gives his uncensored, unscripted take on the state of the game- and he doesn’t hold back.


8 thoughts on “Blitheran’s State of the Game

  1. Yes he does and he does a bloody good job of it as well. The first one (since Lloyd) has called it as it is , huge respect to Blitheran , Interested to see what , if any, the reaction will be .
    (I will try to post this only once)


  2. I feel his frustration, very upsetting what has happened to this once great game. It’s so sad that this game has been destroyed by Pixonic’s greed. And he didn’t even touch on Inquisitor and Ember, which are even more op then Dash. I mean, when a bot has enough firepower to take down Fury with one clip (Inquisitor with Ember and Tarans) something is seriously wrong.
    And you really can’t even outmaneuver Dash because it’s hard to stay at over 300m away when they can hop in and out of range at will and unload 181k damage in 5 seconds.
    I stopped paying when they nerfed the silver and buffed the Ancilot, I could see where the game was headed then.
    Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any saving this game. If they drastically nerf Dash to make things competitive again all the no-skill hacks and whales that bought them in order to do well will complain and probably demand refunds. I say that if you are lame enough to pay for op bots then it’s your own fault when they get nerfed and you have no right to complain.
    They only real solution I see is to change all the stats so that no bots weapon configuration can take out any bot with one clip. Because as it is now, this game has become ‘who can shoot first’ and strategy and maneuvering and actually having to think have become obsolete.


    1. Good points Rick , but you don’t need to nerf the Dash bots and the Inquisitor. You just buff everything else 🙂
      No one expects the Spanish Inquisition 🙂


  3. Way to go Blitheran, I enjoyed watching your video. I agree with you, it is sad this game has changed so much within couple months time. I’m glad to hear other clans are boycotting and not spending real money until Pixonic fix the issues.


  4. I played the dash bots and the inquisitor since inception on the test servers, Ive always stated they are overpowered, it is obvious that I received a deaf ear to my comments


    1. I can say the same. I’ve written that they were overpowered and I suggested that they scrap them, but someone forgot to pass on my opinions, it seems.


  5. I can imagine the same things being said about RDBs, and Ancilots. People seem to resist change sometimes, but maybe it’s a difference of scale. I’ve only been playing about 2 years now, andplay as a loner. I see games where you’re up against a clan squad with coms, and it’s damn effective, but that’s just the kettle MM dumped you in. And let’s not forget entire clans of Champion League players, sitting out bettles, playing telephone poles, so they could crash their league standings and got balls to the wall against silver and bronze opponents, meanwhile leaving you with your junk in your hands, in a 4-6 or 3-6 match.

    So there are all sorts of imbalances. If you want to spend money spend it. If you have talent, use it, if you gained your expertise playing 5 hours a day, play more. Nerfing and buffing has aggravated everyone, and I’ve seen the meta shift many times from guns to missiles to energy and back. You’ll never have operational supremacy in every game; people will capitalize on the current power trend and gear up. Champion league included. In fact its pretty easy to do with billions in silver, and hundreds of thousands in gold. The rest of us have to keep up somehow, or get lucky.

    The Korean bots will be nerfed, undoubtrdly. Then they will go to being mid-level bots, and join the back of the closet along with the Gallahads and Leos. Then it will be Ancilots and RDBs again, and we’ll be complaining about the flame weapons, and MM again. Until the next generation of bots come in.

    The one thing I would change is make it that you could purchase bots with gold or silver, some reasonable time after they are introduced. Remember the outlaw bots, can you buy them yet with gold/silver? Perhaos tgat’s what componentscwill do now, but that just bores the hell out of me. I liked the gambling aspect of buying chests, but 10000 components are stupid boring to get, so I won’t be spending cash anymore, myself.

    But I’ll still play, seeing which of my bots got nerfed, which weapons I sold months ago because they were rendered inneffective are now hot again. I like running around, blowing stuff up. It could be worse, Tankers League really sucked.


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