Shaolin Rogue’s Inquisitor Gameplay in Champions League

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While the Dash bots were the biggest source of friction in the War Robots community after the recent rollout, the Inquisitor– with its massive pricetag- has taken on a notoriety all its own.

But howabout the bot itself? Is it worth the trouble? Shaolin Rogue takes a look!


3 thoughts on “Shaolin Rogue’s Inquisitor Gameplay in Champions League

  1. In my opinion I think the robot is well balanced, but the dash bots on the other hand are not balanced. Is it worth it, yes not for 300 dollars though.


  2. I’ve played the inquisitor on many occasions on the test server, with two orkans and an ember it’s a wicked death machine, I almost felt bad with how easily the reds died. I’m not for these bots or the ember, comparatively its is vastly superior to any other bot out there, the fact that the bot has stealth while in a jump is bad enough, the 5 seconds afterwards make it too potent.
    I would leap from cover and destroy the red before he could even fire back at me, sure stray fire can hit you still but Good heavens you saw in this video that same technique and how effective it is. The pay to win system is in full swing now, seeing mk2 bots at high levels already as well


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