Jimquisition’s “Turning Players into Payers”

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Warning- Jim’s language is quite colorful, and you might not want to listen aloud at work. That said, it underlines an important element of the industry many of our favorite games inhabit: the microtransaction incentivization. I don’t personally agree with every point presented here wholesale, but it’s not only thought-provoking, but increasingly relevant. Well worth a watch!


3 thoughts on “Jimquisition’s “Turning Players into Payers”

  1. Good find Dredd , but I survived to 16.27 when the continual diatribe of expletives forced my erstwhile cultured brain to move my pointer to hit the pause button , this really should have a NSFW tag 🙂

    That said, Pixonic ,(mail.ru) have read / watched and implemented almost every point raised (up to 16.27), but then we should not be surprised. I will watch the rest after I have returned from a sabbatical in a dark , white noise room.


  2. Yup, good find. All the way down to incentivising and different pricing for newer players on the new bots, and zero reasonable offers for them for the longtime veterans.


  3. I feel they are doing very similar already, trying to target products.
    Last week I started up the workshop for the first time in several months. Just for a day. But then for the next week the wsp tasks started showing up for me again after a long absence.
    While not completely insidious it does show they are collecting all forms of player behaviours.


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