Manni’s Appeal to Nerf the Shocktrain

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Manni makes a case for nerfing one of the game’s newest members of the arsenal, the Shocktrain. While I don’t agree with every point made- in particular the “anti-teamwork” aspect of the weapon (even platoons of soldiers have to watch out for grenades, after all), it makes an interesting case for the strength of the weapon.

I’ve only recently come upon Manni’s War Robots content, and his channel is well worth a subscription!




9 thoughts on “Manni’s Appeal to Nerf the Shocktrain

  1. The shocktrain, besides being overpowered in its current state, also lends to a more serious issue. The shocktrain on the test server was woefully underpowered, which left me and many others with a sense that Pixonic was dialing back the Component weaponry. Then it went live and suddenly was so much more powerful. It shows that Pix basically ignored the PtR tested and didn’t even test the weapons current state


  2. The shocktrain was a joke on the test server, now it seems like they really cranked it up and released it without due testing. Does pix ever listen to the test server feedback? We all said the k-bots were overpowered… ignored. The ember is overpowered… ignored. The inquisitor….. ignored. My bet is they ignore this too..


  3. People please, this weapon is not overpowered. Sure it does good damage and hits multiple targets, but really. If you look at it from a different perspective, you will see it does less damage per minute than even the hydra! And unlike the hydra, you don’t need line of sight to even hit robots. Every other lock on energy weapon outranges this thing by 100m. It is like comparing an RDB to a TT fury.
    “but it is instantaneous fire” that doesn’t mean crap. It is not hard to expose yourself for one second without taking damage.
    “it does a lot of damage” It has a long reload time though
    “a dash bot equipped with these can easily dash past an opening and fire without taking any damage”Oh so now we are talking about the well known OP dash bots huh. Place a mediocre weapon on an overpowered bot, you get an overpowered weapon.
    “it hits multiple opponents within a certain range” The weapon is still outranged by tridents, zeuses, hydras and spyrals. Any midranger can easily counter this weapon.
    “they don’t listen to feedback” except for when they added the dash bots, yes they do listen. People have often times said the ember and shocktrain were too weak on the test server, so they buffed them on their way to the live server. They probably also look at gameplay to see how much damage they need to do.

    Geez. Not everything new is OP


  4. “People please, this weapon is not overpowered.”, really? Today, my Galahad faced Bulgasari/Shocktrain (all max) and the shield couldn’t protect him against that weapon, but the shield of Lance can a little bit, what is going on??? The Galahad would be one of the best bots against that weapon in a mid-range, especially against Dash bots, as it the best against any Dash bot/Tarans in a mid-range.
    “it does less damage per minute than even the hydra!” Both the physical shield and Ancile can protect bot against hydra but not against that weapon… and so it does no matter makes it more or less damage than hydra or any another weapon.


  5. The Shocktrain is the final straw for me. I’ve uninstalled the APP now. Pix either has no desire to balance the game or is so inept that they don’t have a clue what they’re doing anymore. In any case, I’m done.


  6. From all the new stuff that has been introduced, the Haechi and the Shocktrain feel OP to me. I have a heachi so I know that from first hand experience, the Shocktrain I dont have but I have faced and lost to it often times already.

    The Ember, Inquisitor and both the other dashes are ok for me now that I know how to fight them.


  7. The shock train is WAY overpowered. I faced a Bulgasari (that ended up being maxed) with 3 S.T.’s and it ruined my team and my 2 dashbots at level 11, my Tharnage at level 11. This guy was the last man standing on his team and he took out more than 4 healthy bots without taking any significant damage. He blasted one of us, dashed behind cover before getting mauled, then waited a few seconds and repeated.

    Something has got to give. I am all for new ideas about weapons, but more than 4 to 1 OP is a bit ridiculous. I understand that Pixonic wants to earn money for providing their game, but the extreme advantage provided to the shocktrain is not balanced. That said, I am working toward getting a shocktrain (or 3), because who doesn’t want an unfair advantage? It is a great way to drive long time, high level, loyal players from the game by hiding ST pilots lack of skill behind a monstrously OP weapon. That will teach players not to be loyal to a game… wait a minute…


  8. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR THE MISTAKES OF OTHER PLAYERS? I faced such situation a lot, some player near me try to kill Hachi Shocktrain, which is in the range of 500m, with a close-range setup? Yea this is a stupid idea, but I got damage too, even I’m on the cover. So, is this somehow can be logic?


  9. The best option is to delete this weapon, otherwise to make the weapon’s feature more logic or appropriate the Pixonic can implement the following idea:
    Let say one bot with Shocktrain shoots to another bot at the range of 500m, others will get damage too if their weapons range in the same range as the distance of the bot which fires Shcoktrain, in this case, 500m. If I have Orkans/Pinata, I will not get reflected damage from the first bot as my setup range is 300 m and the bot with Shocktrains fires at 500 m. It will give the chance for other bots make a damage to the bot with Shocktrains and not be penetrated every time, because of others mistakes.


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