Team MECH*SPECTRUM Raises $1,420 for Children’s Charity

Our Extra Life drive for this year has come to an end, and we were thisclose to hitting our goal of $1,500. Falling just $80 shy is still a tremendous accomplishment, and gives us something to aim for next year!

Before we get into the giveaways, I want to thank everyone who participated. Many of you signed on to our team, MECH*SPECTRUM Missionaries, and many more of you opened up your checkbooks and hearts and gave generously. It’s always wonderful to see a community come together for a great cause!

I’d also like to thank our prize partners Pixonic and Red Button, both of whom very generously donated some prizes for us to give away.

Here’s the winner’s list! 

Three-Packs of Embers

  • Gene Delara
  • Jesse Smith
  • Savate

Two-Packs of Shocktrains

  • Graham Henney
  • Heavy Panda
  • JakesDad
  • Nhan Ngo
  • Rad Mobile

Inquisitor bot

  • Baby J
  • Eatstinkytofu
  • Rad Mobile (x2!)
  • Russel

Haechi bot

  • Calvin Mech
  • Eatstinkytofu (x2!)
  • Nhan Ngo
  • Pablo808 (*x2!)
  • Rad Mobile (x2!)
  • Savate (x2!)

Battle of Titans Prizes: TBD

Also, a quick procedural note. We used the Extra Life page to notify the winners via email, but I heard back from more than one winner that they either couldn’t see the notification in their inbox, or they had to dig it out of their spam folder. As a process improvement, we’ll look to make the process even easier. Always open to ideas!

And if you’re on this list but haven’t seen a notification email either, shoot us a comment!

Also for our winners, your patience is appreciated! Our prize partners have asked for a list of winners all at once. Some of you responded to us with your details immediately, and have wondered where your prizes are. As per the original rules we’ve allotted a week for everyone to get back to us, so winners should find some surprises in their hangars next week. Nobody likes to wait (least of all me :D) , but the wait is almost over.

Thanks again, folks!



21 thoughts on “Team MECH*SPECTRUM Raises $1,420 for Children’s Charity

  1. Hi Dredd77,
    This is Baby J, I haven’t received an notification email, but received this one that referred to this page. On another note, thank you for helping Extra Life Childrens Charity, it’s an awesome gesture of love for children.
    Baby J


  2. I will start following this site now, I didn’t know it existed, nice to see opinions and thoughts about the game.
    This is the first time I have ever donated to a charity, like ever, and I have only recently obtained payments by card.
    Winning was a bonus, like playing the lottery, out of the numerous entries, I am surprised I did win (even more by ppl who won twice).
    I did some math, 3 embers consisting of 10k components consist of $405 as 7k components x 4 = 28 components plus the 300 $5 pack is equal to 3 embers. Like wow, to win something that is worth that much, and three of them. Very grateful.

    The game is ok for now, I am just hoping they will consider implementing more silver/science point bots/weapons for users to obtain. They did say the game was not meant to be a pay to win, and I am hoping they will keep that in mind.

    Besides that, the money was for a good cause, looking forward to next year


      1. Gene,
        I may be wrong, but I think the bots come in an update, if so, Mech Spectrum has no control with that.


  3. Yes, thank you Mech Spectrum, now comes the upgrading. 😊 Thanks again for helping Childrens Charities and allowing me to be a part of it. 👍


    1. I am in the same boat with the Embers. I had shown Pixonic screenshots of any evidence I had proving that I had won the embers, even screenshot my Facebook profile page to show it was me for they were claiming that I was lying, in a nice way. After reviewing all my evidence, they said thank you, that it seems I was telling the truth, and they HOPE…….HOPE I recieve them soon. At this point I’ve stopped expecting them lol. Nothing against anyone here and I thank you for this opportunity and I am glad I could help with the sick kiddos !


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