Manni’s Appeal to Nerf the Shocktrain

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Manni makes a case for nerfing one of the game’s newest members of the arsenal, the Shocktrain. While I don’t agree with every point made- in particular the “anti-teamwork” aspect of the weapon (even platoons of soldiers have to watch out for grenades, after all), it makes an interesting case for the strength of the weapon.

I’ve only recently come upon Manni’s War Robots content, and his channel is well worth a subscription!




Jimquisition’s “Turning Players into Payers”

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Warning- Jim’s language is quite colorful, and you might not want to listen aloud at work. That said, it underlines an important element of the industry many of our favorite games inhabit: the microtransaction incentivization. I don’t personally agree with every point presented here wholesale, but it’s not only thought-provoking, but increasingly relevant. Well worth a watch!