By the Numbers: Apple Seeds

The first round of data from Project Bathyscaphe is here, and we can already see something familiar in the data…


Andro Man’s Funny Squad: Locust Swarm


One thing that Andro Man perhaps does better than anyone else for War Robots YouTube is remind us that it’s just a game, and games areĀ fun.

There’s a joyfulness to his Funny Squad series I just don’t see anywhere else. Light, bubbly and infectious music coupled with innocent, almost childlike hilarity as he leads a pack of merry pranksters across the battlefield. His all-Stalker video was the first Funny Squad video I saw, and I’ve loved them ever since.

Noting it had been awhile since I last saw one, I nudged him on Discord after an idea popped into my head.

“What about all Ecu Rogatkas,” I asked. “You know, like a bunch of grasshoppers.”

“Hold my beer,” came the reply.

Berzerka’s War Robots Tribute to America


Obviously I would have preferred to post this one two days ago to commemorate Independence Day, but I didn’t come across it in time. Nevertheless, it’s well worth sharing now.

Awhile back, Pixonic changed the terms of the test server reward. Whereas providing feedback used to be enough, now video footage is required. This has had two interesting effects.

First, it’s compelled a surprising number of people to learn how to record gameplay and upload it to a YouTube channel. And second, well, it’s flooded the market with a lot of videos and channels that don’t offer much besides that.

Berzerka’s channel is new, and on the strength of this video I just subscribed. Hoping to see more quality content! And if nothing else, it made the American skins of the Wild Bunch actually look appealing to boot.